Character horse with long mane Definition
LIU2 MAO2 Pinyin mou4 wu4 Jyutping

Character horse with long hair Definition
BO2 Pinyin but6 Jyutping

Character horse with white forehead, ( 的盧) Definition
CHUO4 Pinyin zyut3 zyut6 Jyutping

Character horse chestnut Definition
SUO1 Pinyin so1 Jyutping SA On HEGO Kun

Character horse whip; flog Definition
CHUI2 Pinyin ceoi4 Jyutping SUI ZUI On TAKE Kun Hangul CHWU Korean

Character horse with white back legs Definition
ZHU4 Pinyin zyu3 Jyutping SHU SOKU ZOKU On

Character horse Definition

Character horse with a bluish white color Definition
CONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping SOU SU On ASHIGE Kun Hangul CHONG Korean *tsung Tang
U+9AA2 Simplified

Character horse without saddle Definition
CHAN3 ZHAN4 Pinyin cin5 zaan2 Jyutping Hangul CAN Korean
U+9AA3 Simplified

Character horse Definition
SHUANG1 Pinyin soeng1 Jyutping
U+9AA6 Simplified

Character horse with a bluish white color Definition
CONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping
U+9A44 Traditional

Character horse without saddle Definition
CHAN3 ZHAN4 Pinyin cin5 Jyutping
U+9A4F Traditional

Character horse Definition
SHUANG1 Pinyin soeng1 Jyutping
U+9A66 Traditional

ホースレース Reading
horse race Translation eng {Sport} Pferderennen Translation ger

マロニエ Reading
marronier Translation eng horse chestnut Translation eng {Bot.} Rosskastanie Translation ger wilde Kastanie Translation ger marronnier Source Language fre

一駄 Word
いちだ Reading
horse load Translation eng Last eines Pferdes Translation ger

競馬 Word
けいば Reading
horse racing Translation eng Pferderennen Translation ger course de chevaux Translation fre

こま Reading
piece (in shogi, chess, etc.) Translation eng horse Translation eng foal Translation eng bridge (of a violin, etc.) Translation eng Pferd Translation ger Fohlen Translation ger Pony Translation ger {Shôgi} Shôgi-Stein Translation ger Schachfigur Translation ger Steg Translation ger (eines Saiteninstrumentes) Translation ger

口取り Word
くちとり Reading
leading a horse, cow, etc. Translation eng groom Translation eng horse boy Translation eng hors d'oeuvre Translation eng appetizer Translation eng side dish Translation eng Stallbursche Translation ger Stallknecht Translation ger Horsd'œuvre Translation ger

桜肉 Word
さくらにく Reading
horse meat Translation eng Pferdefleisch Translation ger viande de cheval Translation fre

乗馬 Word
じょうば Reading
horse riding Translation eng riding horse Translation eng saddle horse Translation eng Reiten Translation ger Ritt Translation ger Reitpferd Translation ger

うま Reading
horse Translation eng promoted bishop (shogi) Translation eng Pferd Translation ger Ross Translation ger Gaul Translation ger Hengst Translation ger Stute Translation ger Wallach Translation ger Fohlen Translation ger Füllen Translation ger Pony Translation ger Bock Translation ger Gestell Translation ger Leiter Translation ger jmd, der dem Gast nach Hause folgt um Rechnung zu kassieren Translation ger {Shôgi} Springer Translation ger Pferd Translation ger fou promu (au shogi) Translation fre cheval Translation fre ло́шадь Translation rus конь Translation rus

馬市 Word
うまいち Reading
horse market Translation eng Pferdemarkt Translation ger

木馬 Word
もくば Reading
wooden horse Translation eng rocking horse Translation eng vaulting horse Translation eng horse used in gymnastics Translation eng the horse (ancient torture device that one was forced to straddle with rocks hanging from the feet) Translation eng Holzpferd Translation ger Schaukelpferd Translation ger {Sport} Pferd Translation ger
跳馬 Crossref

Word Word
あじ Reading
horse mackerel Translation eng {Fischk.} Rossmakrele Translation ger Stachelmakrele Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Carangidae>) Translation ger chinchard Translation fre

Word Word
さくら Reading
cherry tree Translation eng cherry blossom Translation eng decoy Translation eng fake buyer Translation eng shill Translation eng hired applauder Translation eng horse meat Translation eng {Bot.} Kirschbaum Translation ger Kirsche Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Prunus>) Translation ger Kirschblüte Translation ger Pferdefleisch Translation ger cerisier Translation fre fleur de cerisier Translation fre сакура Translation rus
桜ん坊 Crossref

そら豆 Word 空豆 Word 蚕豆 Word
そらまめ Reading
broad bean Translation eng horse bean Translation eng fava bean Translation eng {Bot.} Saubohne Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Vicia faba>) Translation ger

馬糞 Word
ばふん Reading まぐそ Reading
horse dung Translation eng Pferdemist Translation ger Pferdeäpfel Translation ger

調馬 Word
ちょうば Reading
horse training or breaking Translation eng Dressieren eines Pferdes Translation ger

馬鹿笑い Word ばか笑い Word
ばかわらい Reading
horse laugh Translation eng guffaw Translation eng wild laughter Translation eng lautes Lachen Translation ger wieherndes Lachen Translation ger

馬糧 Word
ばりょう Reading
horse feed Translation eng Pferdefutter Translation ger

調馬師 Word
ちょうばし Reading
horse trainer Translation eng Pferdedresseur Translation ger

追分節 Word
おいわけぶし Reading
horse driver's song Translation eng {Mus.} Oiwake-Lied Translation ger Lied der Pferdeknechte Translation ger (Volksliedart) Translation ger

出走馬 Word
しゅっそうば Reading
horse entered in a race Translation eng gestartetes Pferd Translation ger

ブラッドスポーツ Reading
blood sport Source Language eng horse racing Translation eng

筍虫 Word
たけのこむし Reading
horse botfly larva Translation eng
馬蠅 Crossref

馬虻 Word
うまあぶ Reading
horse botfly Translation eng
馬蠅 Crossref

持ち馬 Word
もちうま Reading
horses owned Translation eng horse owned Translation eng

馬槽 Word
うまぶね Reading まぶね Reading
horse trough Translation eng

歩法 Word
ほほう Reading
horse gait Translation eng way of walking (e.g. in martial arts, etc.) Translation eng

馬鐸 Word
ばたく Reading
horse bell Translation eng

Radical Radical
horse Meaning

Traditional Simplified
yu3 Pinyin
horse stable English frontier English

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