Character horses Definition
BIAO1 Pinyin biu1 Jyutping HYUU SHUU HYOU On
U+9A89 Simplified

牛馬 Word
ぎゅうば Reading
horses and cattle Translation eng Rinder und Pferde Translation ger Vieh Translation ger

馬匹 Word
ばひつ Reading
horses Translation eng Pferde Translation ger

車馬 Word
しゃば Reading
horses and vehicles Translation eng (schriftspr.) Wagen und Pferd Translation ger Fuhrwerk Translation ger Fahrzeug Translation ger

持ち馬 Word
もちうま Reading
horses owned Translation eng horse owned Translation eng

馬匹 Traditional 马匹 Simplified
ma3 pi3 Pinyin
horses English

qin1 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On chim Reading Korean Reading Korean
speed Meaning horses running Meaning

蹄鉄 Word
ていてつ Reading
horseshoe Translation eng Hufeisen Translation ger

兜蟹 Word 甲蟹 Word
かぶとがに Reading
horseshoe crab Translation eng {Zool.} Königskrabbe Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Tachypleus tridentatus>) Translation ger

馬蹄形 Traditional 马蹄形 Simplified
ma3 ti2 xing2 Pinyin
horseshoe shape English

馬蹄鐵 Traditional 马蹄铁 Simplified
ma3 ti2 tie3 Pinyin
horseshoe English

装蹄 Word
そうてい Reading
shoeing a horse Translation eng horseshoeing Translation eng

馬蹄形 Word
ばていけい Reading
horseshoe-shaped Translation eng Hufeisenform Translation ger

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