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夫権 Word
ふけん Reading
husband's marital rights Translation eng Rechte eines Ehemanns Translation ger (im alten Familienrecht) Translation ger

公公 Traditional 公公 Simplified
gong1 gong5 Pinyin
husband's father English father-in-law English grandpa English old man English eunuch English

公婆 Traditional 公婆 Simplified
gong1 po2 Pinyin
husband's parents English parents-in-law English

公爹 Traditional 公爹 Simplified
gong1 die1 Pinyin
husband's father English

Traditional Simplified
shu1 Pinyin shu2 Taiwan
uncle English father's younger brother English husband's younger brother English

叔婆 Traditional 叔婆 Simplified
shu1 po2 Pinyin
aunt by marriage English husband's aunt English husband's father's younger brother's wife English

叔子 Traditional 叔子 Simplified
shu1 zi5 Pinyin
brother-in-law English husband's younger brother English

大伯 Traditional 大伯 Simplified
da4 bo2 Pinyin
husband's older brother English brother-in-law English

大姑 Traditional 大姑 Simplified
da4 gu1 Pinyin
husband's older sister English sister-in-law English

Traditional Simplified
gu1 Pinyin
paternal aunt English husband's sister English husband's mother (old) English nun English for the time being (literary) English

Traditional Simplified
li3 Pinyin
husband's brother's wife English

婆婆 Traditional 婆婆 Simplified
po2 po5 Pinyin
husband's mother English mother-in-law English grandma English

婆家 Traditional 婆家 Simplified
po2 jia5 Pinyin
husband's family English

Traditional Simplified
zhang1 Pinyin
husband's father English

小叔 Traditional 小叔 Simplified
xiao3 shu1 Pinyin
husband's younger brother English brother-in-law English

小姑 Traditional 小姑 Simplified
xiao3 gu1 Pinyin
husband's younger sister English sister-in-law English

老公公 Traditional 老公公 Simplified
lao3 gong1 gong5 Pinyin
old man English husband's father English father-in-law English court eunuch English

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