Character illicit sexual relations Definition
PIN1 Pinyin ping1 Jyutping HIN HAU HEI On

横恋慕 Word
よこれんぼ Reading
illicit love Translation eng Liebe zu einem fremden Ehemann bzw. einer fremden Ehefrau Translation ger (f) Translation ger

黒い Word
くろい Reading
black Translation eng illicit Translation eng wicked Translation eng underground Translation eng dark Translation eng schwarz Translation ger schwärzlich Translation ger dunkel Translation ger düster Translation ger schlecht Translation ger schmutzig Translation ger verschmutzt Translation ger böse Translation ger schlecht Translation ger noir Translation fre sombre Translation fre чёрный Translation rus

私通 Word
しつう Reading
adultery Translation eng illicit intercourse Translation eng unerlaubtes Verhältnis Translation ger Liaison Translation ger Liebschaft Translation ger Techtelmechtel Translation ger Ehebruch Translation ger

道ならぬ恋 Word
みちならぬこい Reading
illicit love affair Translation eng ungehöriges Liebesverhältnis Translation ger verbotene Liebe Translation ger adultère Translation fre

なれ合い Word 馴れ合い Word
なれあい Reading
collusion Translation eng conspiracy Translation eng illicit intercourse Translation eng liaison Translation eng Komplott Translation ger Konspiration Translation ger

密売 Word
みつばい Reading
smuggling Translation eng bootlegging Translation eng illicit trade Translation eng Schmuggel Translation ger Schwarzhandel Translation ger contrebande Translation fre

岡惚 Word 傍惚れ Word 岡惚れ Word
おかぼれ Reading
unrequited love Translation eng illicit love Translation eng secret affections Translation eng Liebe zum bzw. zur Geliebten jmdn. anderes Translation ger heimliche Liebe Translation ger unerwiderte Liebe Translation ger

邪恋 Word
じゃれん Reading
illicit love Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger moralisch falsche Liebe Translation ger

密造 Word
みつぞう Reading
illicit manufacturing Translation eng illicit distilling Translation eng moonshining Translation eng illegale Produktion Translation ger Schwarzbrennerei Translation ger

Traditional Simplified
luan4 Pinyin
in confusion or disorder English in a confused state of mind English disorder English upheaval English riot English illicit sexual relations English to throw into disorder English to mix up English indiscriminate English random English arbitrary English

姘夫 Traditional 姘夫 Simplified
pin1 fu1 Pinyin
lover (of a woman) English illicit partner English paramour English

情儿 Traditional 情兒 Simplified
qing2 er2 Pinyin
illicit lover English secret lover English extra-marital lover English

桃色 Traditional 桃色 Simplified
tao2 se4 Pinyin
pink English peach color English illicit love English sexual English

苟且 Traditional 苟且 Simplified
gou3 qie3 Pinyin
perfunctory English careless English drifting along English resigned to one's fate English improper (relations) English illicit (sex) English

非合法 Word
ひごうほう Reading
illegal Translation eng unlawful Translation eng Ungesetzlichkeit Translation ger Illegalität Translation ger illégal Translation fre illicite Translation fre

不当 Word
ふとう Reading
injustice Translation eng impropriety Translation eng unreasonableness Translation eng undeserved Translation eng unfair Translation eng invalid Translation eng Ungerechtigkeit Translation ger Ungebührlichkeit Translation ger Ungehörigkeit Translation ger déraisonnable Translation fre illicite Translation fre immérité Translation fre inique Translation fre injuste Translation fre

密造酒 Word
みつぞうしゅ Reading
illicitly brewed liquor Translation eng moonshine Translation eng Schwarzbrennerei Translation ger

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