Character incite Definition
TAN2 DAN4 Pinyin daam6 taam4 Jyutping TAN On SUSUMU KUU Kun

Traditional Simplified
sou3 Pinyin
to urge on English incite English

Traditional Simplified
yong3 Pinyin
urge English incite English

Traditional Simplified
tiao3 Pinyin
incite English

Traditional Simplified
shan1 Pinyin
fan into a flame English incite English

Traditional Simplified
song3 Pinyin
horrified English incite English raise English

調 Traditional Simplified
tiao2 Pinyin
harmonize English reconcile English blend English suit well English provoke English incite English

ji1 Reading Pinyin ゲキ Reading On はげ.しい Reading Kun gyeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
violent Meaning get excited Meaning enraged Meaning chafe Meaning incite Meaning violent Meaning fr s'exciter Meaning fr enragé Meaning fr s'énerver Meaning fr inciter Meaning fr violento Meaning es furioso Meaning es violento Meaning pt obtem excitado Meaning pt enraged Meaning pt chafe Meaning pt incita Meaning pt

cu4 Reading Pinyin ソク Reading On うなが. Reading Kun chog Reading Korean Reading Korean
stimulate Meaning urge Meaning press Meaning demand Meaning incite Meaning stimuler Meaning fr encourager Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr inciter Meaning fr demander Meaning fr apremiar Meaning es urgir Meaning es estimular Meaning pt desejo Meaning pt imprensa Meaning pt demanda Meaning pt incitar Meaning pt

yong3 Reading Pinyin ヨウ Reading On Reading On トウ Reading On Reading On いさ. Reading Kun
instigate Meaning incite Meaning to alarm Meaning

奨励 Word
しょうれい Reading
encouragement Translation eng promotion Translation eng message Translation eng address Translation eng inducement Translation eng incitement Translation eng stimulation Translation eng Förderung Translation ger Unterstützung Translation ger Ermunterung Translation ger Ermutigung Translation ger encouragement Translation fre promotion Translation fre soutien Translation fre

扇動 Word 煽動 Word
せんどう Reading
incitement Translation eng sedition Translation eng agitation Translation eng abetting Translation eng Anstiftung Translation ger Aufhetzung Translation ger Agitation Translation ger agitation Translation fre incitation Translation fre provocation Translation fre

誘因 Word
ゆういん Reading
exciting cause Translation eng incitement Translation eng incentive Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Anlass Translation ger Ursache Translation ger Antrieb Translation ger Anstoß Translation ger Beweggrund Translation ger Triebfeder Translation ger cause immédiate Translation fre incitation Translation fre

誘導 Word
ゆうどう Reading
guidance Translation eng leading Translation eng induction Translation eng introduction Translation eng incitement Translation eng inducement Translation eng Leitung Translation ger Führung Translation ger Lenkung Translation ger Induktion Translation ger Ableitung Translation ger {Chem.} Derivation Translation ger conduire Translation fre guider Translation fre mener Translation fre

唆す Word
そそのかす Reading
to instigate Translation eng to tempt Translation eng verführen Translation ger verleiten Translation ger überreden Translation ger aufwiegeln Translation ger aufhetzen Translation ger encourager Translation fre inciter Translation fre tenter (quelqu'un) Translation fre

suo1 Reading Pinyin Reading On そそ. Reading Kun そそのか. Reading Kun sa Reading Korean Reading Korean
tempt Meaning seduce Meaning instigate Meaning promote Meaning inciter Meaning fr tenter Meaning fr promouvoir Meaning fr tentar Meaning es seducir Meaning es instigar Meaning es tentação Meaning pt sedução Meaning pt instigar Meaning pt promover Meaning pt

you4 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On イウ Reading On さそ. Reading Kun いざな. Reading Kun yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
entice Meaning lead Meaning tempt Meaning invite Meaning ask Meaning call for Meaning seduce Meaning allure Meaning inviter Meaning fr entraîner Meaning fr tenter Meaning fr inciter Meaning fr séduire Meaning fr charme Meaning fr tentación Meaning es seducción Meaning es invitación Meaning es tentar Meaning es seducir Meaning es invitar Meaning es atraer Meaning es atrair Meaning pt primazia Meaning pt tentação Meaning pt convidar Meaning pt perguntar Meaning pt pedir Meaning pt seduzir Meaning pt fascinação Meaning pt

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