うそ Reading
lie Translation eng falsehood Translation eng incorrect fact Translation eng Really! Translation eng Unbelievable! Translation eng No way! Translation eng Lüge Translation ger Verlogenheit Translation ger Unwahrheit Translation ger Unrichtigkeit Translation ger Quatsch Translation ger Erdichtung Translation ger Märchen Translation ger Falschmeldung Translation ger Fiktion Translation ger fait incorrect Translation fre mensonge Translation fre ложь Translation rus

嘘字 Word
うそじ Reading
incorrect character Translation eng falsch geschriebenes Kanji Translation ger eigentl. nicht existierendes Kanji Translation ger

誤報 Word
ごほう Reading
misinformation Translation eng incorrect report Translation eng Falschmeldung Translation ger Falschnachricht Translation ger Zeitungsente Translation ger désinformation Translation fre mauvaise information Translation fre rapport incorrect Translation fre

誤用 Word
ごよう Reading
abuse Translation eng misuse Translation eng incorrect use Translation eng malapropism Translation eng falscher Gebrauch Translation ger Missbrauch Translation ger falsche Anwendung Translation ger

不對 Traditional 不对 Simplified
bu4 dui4 Pinyin
incorrect English wrong English amiss English abnormal English queer English

不正確 Traditional 不正确 Simplified
bu4 zheng4 que4 Pinyin
incorrect English erroneous English

誤判 Traditional 误判 Simplified
wu4 pan4 Pinyin
to misjudge English error of judgment English incorrect ruling English miscarriage of justice English

錯字 Traditional 错字 Simplified
cuo4 zi4 Pinyin
incorrect character English typo (in Chinese text) English

Traditional Simplified
fei1 Pinyin
to not be English not English wrong English incorrect English non- English un- English in- English to reproach or blame English (colloquial) to insist on English simply must English

e4 Reading Pinyin e3 Reading Pinyin wu4 Reading Pinyin アク Reading On Reading On わる. Reading Kun わる- Reading Kun . Reading Kun にく. Reading Kun -にく. Reading Kun ああ Reading Kun いずくに Reading Kun いずくんぞ Reading Kun にく. Reading Kun ag Reading Korean o Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
bad Meaning vice Meaning rascal Meaning false Meaning evil Meaning wrong Meaning mauvais Meaning fr vice Meaning fr vaurien Meaning fr faux Meaning fr mal Meaning fr malo Meaning es incorrecto Meaning es equivocado Meaning es odio Meaning es mal Meaning es mal Meaning pt ruim Meaning pt falso Meaning pt mau Meaning pt errado Meaning pt

heng2 Reading Pinyin heng4 Reading Pinyin オウ Reading On よこ Reading Kun hoeng Reading Korean Reading Korean
sideways Meaning side Meaning horizontal Meaning width Meaning woof Meaning latéral Meaning fr côté Meaning fr horizontal Meaning fr largeur Meaning fr trame (tissu) Meaning fr lateral Meaning es lado Meaning es horizontal Meaning es egoísta Meaning es incorrecto Meaning es costado Meaning es De lado Meaning pt lado Meaning pt horizontal Meaning pt largura Meaning pt trama (tecidos) Meaning pt

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