Character indulge in pleasures; flee Definition
YI4 DIE2 Pinyin jat6 Jyutping ITSU TETSU On NOGARERU Kun Hangul IL CIL Korean dật Viet

Character indulge oneself, unrestrained Definition
ZI4 CI1 Pinyin ci3 zi1 zi3 Jyutping SHI On HOSHIIMAMA Kun Hangul CA Korean tzì Tang

Character indulge in, give free reign to Definition
ZONG4 ZONG3 SONG3 CONG2 Pinyin zung1 zung3 Jyutping JUU SHOU On TATE Kun Hangul CONG CHONG Korean tziong tziòng Tang tung Viet
U+7EB5 Simplified

Character indulge in, give free reign to Definition
ZONG4 ZONG3 SONG3 Pinyin zung3 Jyutping
U+7E31 Traditional

Character indulge in; be negligent Definition
DAN1 Pinyin daam1 Jyutping TAN On FUKERU Kun Hangul THAM Korean dom Tang xẩm Viet
U+8EAD Variant

Character indulge oneself; brag, show off Definition
CHENG3 YING2 Pinyin cing2 Jyutping TEI On TAKUMASHII TOORU HAYAI Kun Hangul LYENG Korean sính Viet

Traditional Simplified
guan4 Pinyin
accustomed to English used to English indulge English to spoil (a child) English

耽溺 Traditional 耽溺 Simplified
dan1 ni4 Pinyin
indulge English

ni4 Reading Pinyin niao4 Reading Pinyin デキ Reading On ジョウ Reading On ニョウ Reading On いばり Reading Kun おぼ.れる Reading Kun nig Reading Korean nyo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
drown Meaning indulge Meaning ahogo Meaning es éxtasis Meaning es entusiasmo Meaning es satisfacción Meaning es ahogarse Meaning es entusiasmarse Meaning es estar en éxtasis Meaning es darse el gusto de Meaning es

zong4 Reading Pinyin zong1 Reading Pinyin ジュウ Reading On たて Reading Kun jong Reading Korean chong Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
indulge in Meaning give free reign to Meaning

tan1 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On トン Reading On むさぼ. Reading Kun tam Reading Korean Reading Korean
covet Meaning indulge in Meaning

Character indulge; excess; numeral four; particle meaning now, therefore; shop Definition 4 Value
SI4 TI4 Pinyin sei3 si3 Jyutping SHI On TSURANERU MISE HOSHIIMAMA Kun Hangul SA Korean Tang
U+56DB Variant

勘弁 Word
かんべん Reading
pardon Translation eng forgiveness Translation eng forbearance Translation eng Verzeihung Translation ger Vergebung Translation ger Duldung Translation ger Duldsamkeit Translation ger Geduld Translation ger clémence Translation fre indulgence Translation fre pardon Translation fre

寛厳 Word
かんげん Reading
leniency and severity Translation eng Milde und Strenge Translation ger indulgence et sévérité Translation fre

寛大 Word
かんだい Reading
tolerance Translation eng liberality Translation eng leniency Translation eng Nachsicht Translation ger Milde Translation ger Toleranz Translation ger Großmut Translation ger Hochherzigkeit Translation ger Großzügigkeit Translation ger Großherzigkeit Translation ger générosité Translation fre indulgence Translation fre tolérance Translation fre

免罪符 Word
めんざいふ Reading
indulgence Translation eng {westl. Gesch.} Ablassbrief Translation ger

耽溺 Word 酖溺 Word
たんでき Reading
indulgence (e.g. in alcohol, women, etc.) Translation eng debauchery Translation eng dissipation Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Luxus Translation ger Ausschweifung Translation ger Genusssucht Translation ger

三昧 Word
ざんまい Reading
indulgence Translation eng luxury Translation eng

嗜好 Traditional 嗜好 Simplified
shi4 hao4 Pinyin
fondness English hobby English indulgence English

脫略 Traditional 脱略 Simplified
tuo1 lu:e4 Pinyin
unrestrained English throwing off strictures English unrespectful English indulgence English

甘い Word
あまい Reading
sweet Translation eng delicious Translation eng naive Translation eng overly optimistic Translation eng soft on Translation eng generous Translation eng indulgent Translation eng easy-going Translation eng half-hearted Translation eng not finished properly Translation eng tempting (e.g. words) Translation eng promising Translation eng fragrant (smelling) Translation eng sweet (music) Translation eng lightly salted Translation eng süß Translation ger schwach gesalzen Translation ger zu optimistisch Translation ger einfach Translation ger einfältig Translation ger nicht streng Translation ger (zu) Translation ger nachsichtig Translation ger locker lose Translation ger stumpf Translation ger sentimental Translation ger doux Translation fre indulgent Translation fre sucré Translation fre trop faible Translation fre trop optimiste Translation fre сладкий Translation rus
甘く見る Crossref

子煩悩 Word
こぼんのう Reading
indulgent Translation eng fond Translation eng Kindernarr Translation ger Kinderfreund Translation ger Kinderfreundin Translation ger

放縱 Traditional 放纵 Simplified
fang4 zong4 Pinyin
to indulge English to pamper English to connive at English permissive English indulgent English self-indulgent English unrestrained English undisciplined English uncultured English boorish English

kuan1 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On くつろ. Reading Kun ひろ. Reading Kun ゆる.やか Reading Kun とも Nanori のぶ Nanori のり Nanori ひろし Nanori ひろん Nanori ゆた Nanori ゆたか Nanori gwan Reading Korean Reading Korean
tolerant Meaning leniency Meaning generosity Meaning relax Meaning feel at home Meaning be at ease Meaning broadminded Meaning tolérant Meaning fr indulgent Meaning fr générosité Meaning fr se sentir chez soi Meaning fr être à l'aise Meaning fr ouverture d'esprit Meaning fr tolerancia Meaning es generosidad Meaning es tranquilidad Meaning es estar a gusto Meaning es tolerante Meaning pt leniente Meaning pt generosidade Meaning pt relaxar Meaning pt à vontade Meaning pt mente aberta Meaning pt

huan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.やか Reading Kun ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.める Reading Kun ひろ Nanori wan Reading Korean Reading Korean
slacken Meaning loosen Meaning relax Meaning lessen Meaning be moderate Meaning ease Meaning relâcher Meaning fr abaisser Meaning fr décompresser Meaning fr lâche (noeud) Meaning fr modéré Meaning fr aise Meaning fr fácil Meaning es despacio Meaning es disminución Meaning es mitigado Meaning es aliviado Meaning es aflojar(se) Meaning es relajar(se) Meaning es disminuir Meaning es indulgente Meaning es afrouxar Meaning pt relaxar Meaning pt diminuir Meaning pt moderar Meaning pt facilitar Meaning pt

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