かり Reading
temporary Translation eng provisional Translation eng interim Translation eng fictitious Translation eng assumed (name) Translation eng alias Translation eng provisorisch Translation ger vorlaufig Translation ger einstweilig Translation ger probeweise Translation ger falsch Translation ger unecht Translation ger angenommener Translation ger (Name) Translation ger vorausgesetzt Translation ger dass ... Translation ger informel Translation fre intermédiaire Translation fre non-officiel Translation fre par intérim Translation fre prévisionnel Translation fre temporaire Translation fre

仕舞 Word 仕舞い Word 終い Word
しまい Reading じまい Reading
end Translation eng termination Translation eng informal (Noh play) Translation eng Noh dance in plain clothes Translation eng Ende Translation ger Abschluss Translation ger Schluss Translation ger danse de Noh en habits ordinaires Translation fre informel (pièce de théatre Noh) Translation fre fin Translation fre terminaison Translation fre

an4 Reading Pinyin アン Reading On くら. Reading Kun くら. Reading Kun くれ. Reading Kun am Reading Korean Reading Korean
darkness Meaning disappear Meaning shade Meaning informal Meaning grow dark Meaning be blinded Meaning obscurité Meaning fr disparaître Meaning fr ombre Meaning fr informel Meaning fr s'assombrir Meaning fr être aveuglé Meaning fr oscuro Meaning es poco claro Meaning es memorizar Meaning es sombrío Meaning es escuridão Meaning pt desaparecer Meaning pt sombra Meaning pt informal Meaning pt escurecer Meaning pt cegar Meaning pt

jia3 Reading Pinyin jia4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On かり Reading Kun かり- Reading Kun ga Reading Korean ban Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
sham Meaning temporary Meaning interim Meaning assumed (name) Meaning informal Meaning factice Meaning fr intérim Meaning fr temporaire Meaning fr emprunt (nom d') Meaning fr informel Meaning fr ka(na) Meaning fr temporal Meaning es provisional Meaning es falso Meaning es fingimento Meaning pt temporário Meaning pt interim Meaning pt assumido (nome) Meaning pt informal Meaning pt

インフォーマル Reading
informal Translation eng informell Translation ger

内密に Word
ないみつに Reading
confidentially Translation eng privately Translation eng off the record Translation eng im Vertrauen Translation ger vertraulich Translation ger geheim Translation ger informell Translation ger

非正式 Traditional 非正式 Simplified
fei1 zheng4 shi4 Pinyin
informell (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

内諾 Word
ないだく Reading
informal consent Translation eng private consent Translation eng inoffizielle Zusage Translation ger geheime Zustimmung Translation ger informelle Zustimmung Translation ger private Zustimmung Translation ger accord officieux Translation fre

内定 Word
ないてい Reading
unofficial offer Translation eng tentative decision Translation eng informeller Beschluss Translation ger inoffizielle Entscheidung Translation ger Vorabentscheidung Translation ger

内命 Word
ないめい Reading
private or secret orders Translation eng geheimer Befehl Translation ger informeller Befehl Translation ger inoffizieller Auftrag Translation ger

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