Word Word Word Word
もと Reading
origin Translation eng source Translation eng base Translation eng foundation Translation eng cause Translation eng ingredient Translation eng (somebody's) side Translation eng (somebody's) location Translation eng original cost (or capital, principal, etc.) Translation eng trunk Translation eng first section of a waka Translation eng counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry) Translation eng Anfang Translation ger Ursprung Translation ger Ursache Translation ger Anlass Translation ger Grund Translation ger Grundlage Translation ger Wurzel Translation ger Herkunft Translation ger Quelle Translation ger Kapital Translation ger Geldanlage Translation ger ancien Translation fre précédent Translation fre base Translation fre commencement Translation fre origine Translation fre fondement Translation fre
和歌 Crossref

成分 Word
せいぶん Reading
ingredient Translation eng component Translation eng composition Translation eng Bestandteil Translation ger Ingredienz Translation ger Komponente Translation ger Inhalt Translation ger composant Translation fre ingrédient Translation fre составна́я часть Translation rus составно́й элеме́нт Translation rus соста́в Translation rus

食材 Word
しょくざい Reading
ingredient Translation eng foodstuff Translation eng Zutaten Translation ger

成分名 Word
せいぶんめい Reading
ingredient name Translation eng constituent name Translation eng
成分 Crossref

具材 Word
ぐざい Reading
material Translation eng ingredient Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
fen4 Pinyin
part English ingredient English component English

成份 Traditional 成份 Simplified
cheng2 fen4 Pinyin
composition English make-up English ingredient English element English component English one's social status English same as 成分 English

成分 Traditional 成分 Simplified
cheng2 fen4 Pinyin
composition English make-up English ingredient English element English component English one's social status English

ju4 Reading Pinyin Reading On そな.える Reading Kun つぶさ. Reading Kun とも Nanori gu Reading Korean Reading Korean
tool Meaning utensil Meaning means Meaning possess Meaning ingredients Meaning counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture Meaning outils Meaning fr ustensiles Meaning fr moyens Meaning fr ingrédients Meaning fr possession Meaning fr compteur d'armures, costumes, meubles Meaning fr minutieusement Meaning fr herramienta Meaning es utensilio Meaning es ingredientes Meaning es ferramenta Meaning pt utensílio Meaning pt meios Meaning pt posses Meaning pt ingredientes Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de armaduras Meaning pt coleção Meaning pt mobília Meaning pt

tool Translation eng means Translation eng ingredients Translation eng counter for armor (armour), suits, sets of furniture Translation eng Werkzeug Translation ger Mittel Translation ger Zutat Translation ger Einlage Translation ger (in einen Suppe) Translation ger ingrédients Translation fre moyens Translation fre numéral pour armures,costumes, meubles Translation fre outils Translation fre

材料 Word
ざいりょう Reading
ingredients Translation eng material Translation eng Material Translation ger Stoff Translation ger Rohstoff Translation ger Werkstoff Translation ger Ausgangsmaterial Translation ger Daten Translation ger Faktor Translation ger données Translation fre ingrédients Translation fre matériaux Translation fre matériel Translation fre matière Translation fre материа́л Translation rus компоне́нт Translation rus

寿司の具 Word
すしのぐ Reading
ingredients for sushi Translation eng

ざい Reading
man of talent Translation eng wood Translation eng lumber Translation eng timber Translation eng (raw) material Translation eng ingredients Translation eng
有為の材 Crossref 材料 Crossref 材木 Crossref

cai2 Reading Pinyin ザイ Reading On Nanori さい Nanori jae Reading Korean Reading Korean
lumber Meaning log Meaning timber Meaning wood Meaning talent Meaning matériaux Meaning fr ingrédients Meaning fr bois de charpente Meaning fr bille de bois Meaning fr bûche Meaning fr talent Meaning fr talento Meaning es habilidad Meaning es material Meaning es leño Meaning es tábuas Meaning pt registro Meaning pt pau Meaning pt madeira Meaning pt talento Meaning pt

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