Character ink (usually red) for imprinting of seals Definition
MIAN2 Pinyin min4 Jyutping

インク Reading インキ Reading
ink Translation eng Tinte Translation ger encre Translation fre чернила Translation rus inkt Source Language dut

スパッタリング Reading
ink spattering Translation eng

Word Word
にく Reading しし Reading
flesh Translation eng meat Translation eng the physical body (as opposed to the spirit) Translation eng thickness Translation eng ink pad Translation eng Fleisch Translation ger Fruchtfleisch Translation ger Stempelkissen Translation ger Stempeltinte Translation ger Dicke Translation ger Stärke Translation ger Fleisch Translation ger (der menschliche Körper mit seinen Begierden) Translation ger viande Translation fre мясо Translation rus
印肉 Crossref

すみ Reading
ink Translation eng Tusche Translation ger schwarze Tinte Translation ger Tuschstein Translation ger {Zool.} Tintenfischtinte Translation ger encre de Chine Translation fre encre noire Translation fre pierre d'encre Translation fre

墨絵 Word
すみえ Reading
ink painting Translation eng {bild. Kunst} Tuschzeichnung Translation ger Tuschmalerei Translation ger dessin à l'encre de Chine Translation fre

墨痕 Word
ぼっこん Reading
ink marks Translation eng handwriting Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Handschrift Translation ger

墨汁 Word
ぼくじゅう Reading
India ink Translation eng China ink Translation eng ink (of a cuttlefish, etc.) Translation eng Tusche Translation ger encre de Chine Translation fre

墨色 Word
すみいろ Reading
ink black Translation eng Tuschfarbe Translation ger

インク消し Word
インクけし Reading
ink eraser Translation eng Tintenlöscher Translation ger

松煙 Word
しょうえん Reading
soot of burnt pine Translation eng ink stick (made from burnt pine) Translation eng

インクカートリッジ Reading
ink cartridge Translation eng

インクデスクトップ Reading
ink desktop Translation eng

インクジェット Reading
ink jet Translation eng

墨絵風 Word
すみえふう Reading
ink painting style Translation eng

印臺 Traditional 印台 Simplified
yin4 tai2 Pinyin
ink pad English stamp pad English

噴墨 Traditional 喷墨 Simplified
pen1 mo4 Pinyin
ink jet English

墨匣 Traditional 墨匣 Simplified
mo4 xia2 Pinyin
ink cartridge English

墨水 Traditional 墨水 Simplified
mo4 shui3 Pinyin
ink English

墨漬 Traditional 墨渍 Simplified
mo4 zi4 Pinyin
ink stain English ink blot English spot English smudge English

墨盒 Traditional 墨盒 Simplified
mo4 he2 Pinyin
ink cartridge English

墨硯 Traditional 墨砚 Simplified
mo4 yan4 Pinyin
ink slab English ink stone English

墨跡 Traditional 墨迹 Simplified
mo4 ji4 Pinyin
ink marks English original calligraphy or painting of famous person English

墨魚 Traditional 墨鱼 Simplified
mo4 yu2 Pinyin
squid English ink fish English cuttlefish English

柘硯 Traditional 柘砚 Simplified
zhe4 yan4 Pinyin
ink slabs from a place in Shandong English

水墨 Traditional 水墨 Simplified
shui3 mo4 Pinyin
ink (used in painting) English

水墨畫 Traditional 水墨画 Simplified
shui3 mo4 hua4 Pinyin
ink and wash painting English

硯瓦 Traditional 砚瓦 Simplified
yan4 wa3 Pinyin
ink slab English

硯田 Traditional 砚田 Simplified
yan4 tian2 Pinyin
ink stone English writing as a livelihood English

硯石 Traditional 砚石 Simplified
yan4 shi2 Pinyin
ink stone English ink slab English

硯臺 Traditional 砚台 Simplified
yan4 tai2 Pinyin
ink stone English ink slab English

陶硯 Traditional 陶砚 Simplified
tao2 yan4 Pinyin
ink stone made of pottery English

mo4 Reading Pinyin ボク Reading On すみ Reading Kun すの Nanori mug Reading Korean Reading Korean
black ink Meaning India ink Meaning ink stick Meaning Mexico Meaning encre noire Meaning fr encre de Chine Meaning fr bâtonnet d'encre Meaning fr Mexique Meaning fr tinta Meaning es negro Meaning es Méjico Meaning es tinta preta Meaning pt tinta da Índia Meaning pt pau de tinta Meaning pt nanquin Meaning pt México Meaning pt

引火 Word
いんか Reading
catching fire Translation eng Zündung Translation ger Entzündung Translation ger

允可 Word
いんか Reading
permission Translation eng assent Translation eng compliance Translation eng Erlaubnis Translation ger Zustimmung Translation ger Genehmigung Translation ger

印加 Word
いんか Reading
impression Translation eng superimposition Translation eng application Translation eng

印顆 Word
いんか Reading
stamp Translation eng seal Translation eng

インカ Reading Inca Romaji

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