Traditional Simplified
fen4 Pinyin
instigate English ruin English destroy English

suo1 Reading Pinyin Reading On そそ. Reading Kun そそのか. Reading Kun sa Reading Korean Reading Korean
tempt Meaning seduce Meaning instigate Meaning promote Meaning inciter Meaning fr tenter Meaning fr promouvoir Meaning fr tentar Meaning es seducir Meaning es instigar Meaning es tentação Meaning pt sedução Meaning pt instigar Meaning pt promover Meaning pt

shan1 Reading Pinyin shan4 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On あお. Reading Kun おだ.てる Reading Kun おこ. Reading Kun seon Reading Korean Reading Korean
fan Meaning flap Meaning instigate Meaning agitate Meaning bolster up Meaning gulp down Meaning

sou3 Reading Pinyin zu2 Reading Pinyin ゾク Reading On ソク Reading On ソウ Reading On けしか.ける Reading Kun そそのか. Reading Kun ju Reading Korean su Reading Korean chog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
sic'em Meaning egg on Meaning instigate Meaning

yong3 Reading Pinyin ヨウ Reading On Reading On トウ Reading On Reading On いさ. Reading Kun
instigate Meaning incite Meaning to alarm Meaning

Character instigate, arouse, incite Definition
SONG3 Pinyin sung2 Jyutping
U+616B Traditional

Character instigate, incite; to alarm Definition
YONG3 Pinyin jung2 Jyutping YOU YU TOU TSU On ISAMU Kun
U+6142 Variant

発起人 Word
ほっきにん Reading
originator Translation eng promoter Translation eng Stifter Translation ger Urheber Translation ger Anreger Translation ger Antragsteller Translation ger Förderer Translation ger créateur Translation fre initiateur Translation fre instigateur Translation fre promoteur Translation fre

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