Character irregular outline of a range of hills Definition
caam1 Jyutping

Character irregular and prominent teeth Definition
PA2 Pinyin baa1 paa4 Jyutping

Character irregular teeth; discord Definition
JU3 ZHA1 Pinyin zeoi2 Jyutping SO SHO SA On KAMU Kun Hangul CE Korean
U+9F83 Simplified

Character irregular teeth; discord Definition
JU3 Pinyin zeoi2 Jyutping
U+9F5F Traditional

いらっしゃる Reading
to come Translation eng to go Translation eng to be (somewhere) Translation eng (after a -te form, or the particle "de") is (doing) Translation eng are (doing) Translation eng kommen Translation ger gehen Translation ger sein. Translation ger (ehrerbietig höflich) Translation ger être Translation fre aller Translation fre venir Translation fre идти́ Translation rus приходи́ть Translation rus находи́ться Translation rus

イレギュラー Reading
irregular Translation eng Irregularität Translation ger

イレギュラーバウンド Reading
irregular bound (tennis) Translation eng bad bounce Translation eng bad hop Translation eng {Ballsport} irreguläres Aufprallen des Balles Translation ger

不規律 Word
ふきりつ Reading
irregular Translation eng undisciplined Translation eng disorganized Translation eng disorganised Translation eng slipshod Translation eng Unordnung Translation ger Mangel an Disziplin Translation ger Disziplinlosigkeit Translation ger

不整 Word
ふせい Reading
irregular Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Unregelmäßigkeit Translation ger

不整脈 Word
ふせいみゃく Reading
irregular pulse Translation eng arrhythmia Translation eng {Med.} unregelmäßiger Puls Translation ger Arrhythmie Translation ger

不正規軍 Word
ふせいきぐん Reading
irregular forces Translation eng guerrillas Translation eng {Milit.} irreguläre Kampfkräfte Translation ger Guerilla Translation ger

不定期 Word
ふていき Reading
irregular Translation eng indeterminate Translation eng tramp (steamer) Translation eng Unregelmäßigkeit Translation ger unbestimmtheit Translation ger

変格 Word
へんかく Reading
irregularity Translation eng irregular conjugation Translation eng translative Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Unregelmäßigkeit Translation ger Abnormität Translation ger {Gramm.} unregelmäßige Konjugation Translation ger

遊撃隊員 Word
ゆうげきたいいん Reading
irregular forces Translation eng Fliegerstaffel Translation ger

いびつ Reading
oval Translation eng elliptical Translation eng distorted Translation eng crooked Translation eng irregular Translation eng warped Translation eng Verdrehung Translation ger Verzerrung Translation ger Entstellung Translation ger

奇兵 Word
きへい Reading
irregular soldiers Translation eng commandos Translation eng {Milit.} Kommandotrupp Translation ger Sturmabteilung Translation ger

乱反射 Word
らんはんしゃ Reading
diffuse reflection Translation eng diffused reflection Translation eng irregular reflection Translation eng {Phys.} diffuse Reflexion Translation ger

不正会計 Word
ふせいかいけい Reading
accounting fraud Translation eng irregular accounting Translation eng

罰せられる Word
ばっせられる Reading
to be subject to punishment Translation eng be punished Translation eng

変則的 Word
へんそくてき Reading
irregular Translation eng

棊布 Word
きふ Reading
scattering (e.g. of islands, Go pieces, etc., often in a harmonious balance) Translation eng dispersal Translation eng constellation Translation eng irregular spread Translation eng

不規則 Traditional 不规则 Simplified
bu4 gui1 ze2 Pinyin
irregular English

不規範 Traditional 不规范 Simplified
bu4 gui1 fan4 Pinyin
not standard English abnormal English irregular English

Traditional Simplified
guai1 Pinyin
(of a child) obedient, well-behaved English clever English shrewd English alert English perverse English contrary to reason English irregular English abnormal English

Traditional Simplified
chan4 Pinyin
irregular English mixed English

Traditional Simplified
can1 Pinyin
take part in English participate English join English attend English to join English unequal English varied English irregular English to counsel English uneven English not uniform English abbr. for 參議院|参议院 Senate, Upper House English

Traditional Simplified
tou1 Pinyin
improper English irregular English

心慌 Traditional 心慌 Simplified
xin1 huang1 Pinyin
irregular heart-beat English

散座 Traditional 散座 Simplified
san3 zuo4 Pinyin
single seat (in theater) English irregular passenger (in rickshaw) English

無序 Traditional 无序 Simplified
wu2 xu4 Pinyin
disorderly English irregular English lack of order English

Traditional Simplified
ji1 Pinyin
irregular pearl English

Traditional Simplified
ji1 Pinyin
lopsided English unbalanced English abnormal English irregular English odd fractional remnant English

違規 Traditional 违规 Simplified
wei2 gui1 Pinyin
to violate (rules) English irregular English illegal English corrupt English

錯落 Traditional 错落 Simplified
cuo4 luo4 Pinyin
strewn at random English disorderly English untidy English irregular English uneven English

離譜 Traditional 离谱 Simplified
li2 pu3 Pinyin
excessive English beyond reasonable limits English irregular English

非正常 Traditional 非正常 Simplified
fei1 zheng4 chang2 Pinyin
abnormal English irregular English

非規整 Traditional 非规整 Simplified
fei1 gui1 zheng3 Pinyin
irregular English disordered English

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