Word Word Word
あし Reading
foot Translation eng leg Translation eng gait Translation eng pace Translation eng bottom structural component (i.e. radical) of a kanji Translation eng means of transportation Translation eng Fuß Translation ger Bein Translation ger Pfote Translation ger Huf Translation ger Bein einer Hose Translation ger Tiefgang Translation ger (eines Schiffes) Translation ger Stiel Translation ger Schritt Translation ger Laufen Translation ger Transportmittel Translation ger Verderblichkeit von Lebensmitteln Translation ger Reichweite Translation ger Absatz Translation ger Umsatz Translation ger Nachfrage Translation ger Standfestigkeit Translation ger allure (de la marche) Translation fre demarche Translation fre jambe Translation fre pied Translation fre нога Translation rus

Word Word
すね Reading はぎ Reading
shin Translation eng shank Translation eng lower leg Translation eng {Anat.} Unterschenkel Translation ger Schienbein Translation ger jambe Translation fre tibia Translation fre

zu2 Reading Pinyin ju4 Reading Pinyin ソク Reading On あし Reading Kun .りる Reading Kun . Reading Kun . Reading Kun Nanori あす Nanori おす Nanori たらし Nanori jog Reading Korean ju Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
leg Meaning foot Meaning be sufficient Meaning counter for pairs of footwear Meaning jambe Meaning fr pied Meaning fr suffire Meaning fr ajouter Meaning fr compteur de paires de chaussures Meaning fr pierna Meaning es pie Meaning es ser suficiente Meaning es pata Meaning es bastar Meaning es perna Meaning pt Meaning pt ser suficiente Meaning pt

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