Character (same as ) name of a mountain in Shanxi province Definition
KE3 Pinyin ho2 Jyutping

Character to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack Definition
KE3 KE4 Pinyin ho1 Jyutping

Character to pull; to dray; to hinder; to santch away Definition
KE3 Pinyin ho2 Jyutping

Character may, can, -able; possibly Definition
KE3 KE4 Pinyin hak1 ho2 Jyutping KA KOKU On YOI BESHI BAKARI Kun Hangul KA KUK Korean *kɑ̌ Tang khả Viet

Character clod of earth, lump of soil Definition
KE3 KE1 Pinyin ho1 ho2 Jyutping KA On Hangul KA Korean

KE3 Pinyin ho2 Jyutping

KE3 GE2 Pinyin got3 Jyutping KATSU KACHI On gɑt Tang

KE3 Pinyin

Character thirsty Definition
U+6E34 Variant

Character thirsty, parched; yearn, pine Definition
KE3 HE2 JIE2 KAI4 Pinyin hot3 Jyutping KATSU On KAWAKU KAWAKI Kun Hangul KAL KEL Korean kɑt Tang khát Viet
U+6E07 Variant

KE3 Pinyin

KE3 Pinyin

Traditional Simplified
ke3 Pinyin
can English may English able to English to approve English to permit English certain(ly) English to suit English very (particle used for emphasis) English

可不是 Traditional 可不是 Simplified
ke3 bu5 shi4 Pinyin
that's just the way it is English exactly! English

可以 Traditional 可以 Simplified
ke3 yi3 Pinyin
can English may English possible English able to English

可作 Traditional 可作 Simplified
ke3 zuo4 Pinyin
can be used for English

可信 Traditional 可信 Simplified
ke3 xin4 Pinyin
trustworthy English

可信任 Traditional 可信任 Simplified
ke3 xin4 ren4 Pinyin
trusty English

可信度 Traditional 可信度 Simplified
ke3 xin4 du4 Pinyin
degree of credibility English reliability English

可再生 Traditional 可再生 Simplified
ke3 zai4 sheng1 Pinyin
renewable (resource) English

可再生原 Traditional 可再生原 Simplified
ke3 zai4 sheng1 yuan2 Pinyin
renewable resource English

可動 Traditional 可动 Simplified
ke3 dong4 Pinyin
movable English

可卡因 Traditional 可卡因 Simplified
ke3 ka3 yin1 Pinyin
cocaine English

可取 Traditional 可取 Simplified
ke3 qu3 Pinyin
desirable English worth having English

可口 Traditional 可口 Simplified
ke3 kou3 Pinyin
tasty English to taste good English

可口可樂 Traditional 可口可乐 Simplified
ke3 kou3 ke3 le4 Pinyin
Coca-Cola English

可可 Traditional 可可 Simplified
ke3 ke3 Pinyin
cocoa English

可可米 Traditional 可可米 Simplified
Ke3 ke3 mi3 Pinyin
Cocoa Krispies English

可吃 Traditional 可吃 Simplified
ke3 chi1 Pinyin
edible English

可否 Traditional 可否 Simplified
ke3 fou3 Pinyin
is it possible or not? English

可哀 Traditional 可哀 Simplified
ke3 ai1 Pinyin
miserably English

可喜 Traditional 可喜 Simplified
ke3 xi3 Pinyin
making one happy English gratifying English heartening English

可回收 Traditional 可回收 Simplified
ke3 hui2 shou1 Pinyin
recyclable English

可塑性 Traditional 可塑性 Simplified
ke3 su4 xing4 Pinyin
plasticity English

可塞 Traditional 可塞 Simplified
ke3 sai4 Pinyin
xi or ksi (Greek letter Ξξ) English

可壓縮 Traditional 可压缩 Simplified
ke3 ya1 suo1 Pinyin
compressible English

可好 Traditional 可好 Simplified
ke3 hao3 Pinyin
good or not? English luckily English fortuitously English

可容忍 Traditional 可容忍 Simplified
ke3 rong2 ren3 Pinyin
tolerable English

可尊敬 Traditional 可尊敬 Simplified
ke3 zun1 jing4 Pinyin
respectable English

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