Character know in detail Definition
SHEN3 Pinyin sam2 Jyutping SHIN On TSUMABIRAKA Kun
U+8C09 Variant

ノウ Reading
know Translation eng no Translation eng Hallo! Translation ger (verwendet, wenn man jemanden anspricht Translation ger altertümliche Form) Translation ger

Traditional Simplified
xi1 Pinyin
in all cases English know English

有兩下子 Traditional 有两下子 Simplified
you3 liang3 xia4 zi5 Pinyin
have real skill English know one's stuff English

百事通 Traditional 百事通 Simplified
bai3 shi4 tong1 Pinyin
knowledgeable person English know all English

體會 Traditional 体会 Simplified
ti3 hui4 Pinyin
know (through learning or by experience) English

shi4 Reading Pinyin zhi4 Reading Pinyin シキ Reading On . Reading Kun しる. Reading Kun さと Nanori さとる Nanori sig Reading Korean ji Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
discriminating Meaning know Meaning write Meaning discernement Meaning fr connaissance Meaning fr écrire Meaning fr discernir Meaning es distinguir Meaning es símbolo Meaning es discriminação Meaning pt saber Meaning pt escrever Meaning pt

zhi1 Reading Pinyin zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun .らせる Reading Kun さと Nanori さとる Nanori しり Nanori しれ Nanori とも Nanori のり Nanori ji Reading Korean Reading Korean
know Meaning wisdom Meaning savoir Meaning fr sagesse Meaning fr conocer Meaning es saber Meaning es entender Meaning es saber Meaning pt sabedoria Meaning pt

fen1 Reading Pinyin fen4 Reading Pinyin ブン Reading On フン Reading On Reading On .ける Reading Kun . Reading Kun .かれる Reading Kun .かる Reading Kun .かつ Reading Kun いた Nanori わけ Nanori bun Reading Korean Reading Korean
part Meaning minute of time Meaning segment Meaning share Meaning degree Meaning one's lot Meaning duty Meaning understand Meaning know Meaning rate Meaning 1% Meaning chances Meaning shaku/100 Meaning portion Meaning fr minute Meaning fr section Meaning fr part Meaning fr degré Meaning fr son lot dans la vie Meaning fr comprendre Meaning fr savoir Meaning fr devoir Meaning fr taux Meaning fr 1% Meaning fr chances Meaning fr bu = 1/100 de shaku = 3.03 mm Meaning fr parte Meaning es segmento Meaning es minuto Meaning es dividir Meaning es separar Meaning es parte Meaning pt minuto Meaning pt segmento Meaning pt grau Meaning pt dever Meaning pt compreender Meaning pt saber Meaning pt valor Meaning pt 1% Meaning pt oportunidades Meaning pt shaku/100 Meaning pt

guan4 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On なら. Reading Kun
throw ground Meaning know Meaning be familiar Meaning

shen3 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On つまび.らか Reading Kun
know in detail Meaning

Character know, learn about, comprehend Definition
XI1 Pinyin sik1 Jyutping SHITSU On TSUKUSU KOTOGOTOKU Kun Hangul SIL Korean sit Tang tạt Viet

Character know, perceive, comprehend Definition
ZHI1 ZHI4 Pinyin zi1 zi3 Jyutping CHI On SHIRU SHIRASERU Kun Hangul CI Korean *djiɛ Tang tri Viet

ノウボット Reading
Knowbot Translation eng

ノーハウ Reading
know-how Translation eng Know-how Translation ger (aus d. Engl.) Translation ger

ノウハウ Reading
know-how Translation eng Know-how Translation ger

こつ Reading コツ Reading
knack Translation eng skill Translation eng trick Translation eng secret Translation eng know-how Translation eng the ropes Translation eng hang Translation eng Kniff Translation ger Trick Translation ger Dreh Translation ger

竅門 Traditional 窍门 Simplified
qiao4 men2 Pinyin
a trick English an ingenious method English know-how English the knack (of doing sth) English

竅門兒 Traditional 窍门儿 Simplified
qiao4 men2 r5 Pinyin
a trick English an ingenious method English know-how English the knack (of doing sth) English

技術訣竅 Traditional 技术诀窍 Simplified
ji4 shu4 jue2 qiao4 Pinyin
Know-how (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

詳しい Word 委しい Word
くわしい Reading
knowing very well Translation eng detailed Translation eng full Translation eng accurate Translation eng ausführlich Translation ger eingehend Translation ger genau Translation ger detailliert Translation ger versiert sein Translation ger bewandert sein Translation ger gut kennen Translation ger gut Bescheid wissen Translation ger détaillé Translation fre exact Translation fre précis Translation fre знающий Translation rus подробный Translation rus точный Translation rus

世事に疎い Word
せじにうとい Reading
inexperienced Translation eng unrealistic Translation eng knowing but little of the world Translation eng weltfremd sein Translation ger lebensfern sein Translation ger keine Ahnung von der Welt haben Translation ger

了知 Word
りょうち Reading
knowing Translation eng understanding Translation eng appreciation Translation eng Begreifen Translation ger Verstehen Translation ger

ご存じ Word ご存知 Word 御存じ Word 御存知 Word
ごぞんじ Reading
(an) acquaintance Translation eng knowing Translation eng Wissen Translation ger Kenntnis Translation ger (höflich) Translation ger (vos) connaissances Translation fre (votre) connaissance Translation fre знание Translation rus знакомство (с чем-л.) Translation rus
存じ Crossref

抜からぬ顔 Word
ぬからぬかお Reading
shrewd face Translation eng knowing look Translation eng aufmerksames Gesicht Translation ger wissendes Gesicht Translation ger

水心 Word
みずごころ Reading
knowing how to swim Translation eng return favor Translation eng Schwimmfertigkeit Translation ger

心得顔 Word
こころえがお Reading
knowing look Translation eng wissendes Gesicht Translation ger

自知 Word
じち Reading
self-knowledge Translation eng knowing oneself Translation eng

存じ Word 存知 Word
ぞんじ Reading
knowing Translation eng
存ずる Crossref 御存じ Crossref 存知・ぞんち Crossref

會心 Traditional 会心 Simplified
hui4 xin1 Pinyin
knowing (of a smile, look etc) English

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