ai1 Reading Pinyin アイ Reading On あわ. Reading Kun あわ.れむ Reading Kun かな.しい Reading Kun ae Reading Korean Reading Korean
pathetic Meaning grief Meaning sorrow Meaning pathos Meaning pity Meaning sympathize Meaning pitoyable Meaning fr peine Meaning fr chagrin Meaning fr pitié Meaning fr pathétique Meaning fr compatir Meaning fr compasión Meaning es lástima Meaning es miseria Meaning es piedad Meaning es pena Meaning es compadecerse de Meaning es patético Meaning pt pesar Meaning pt pena Meaning pt emoção Meaning pt compaixão Meaning pt solidariesar Meaning pt

xi1 Reading Pinyin xi2 Reading Pinyin セキ Reading On .しい Reading Kun .しむ Reading Kun seog Reading Korean Reading Korean
pity Meaning be sparing of Meaning frugal Meaning stingy Meaning regret Meaning regret Meaning fr frugal Meaning fr radin Meaning fr économe Meaning fr lastima Meaning es condolencia Meaning es pena Meaning es penoso Meaning es lamentable Meaning es condolerse Meaning es sentir Meaning es estimar Meaning es compaixão Meaning pt poupar Meaning pt frugal Meaning pt mesquinho Meaning pt

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