Character ladies toilet case with mirror Definition
U+5969 Variant

レディース Reading レディーズ Reading
ladies Translation eng Damen Translation ger

各位 Word
かくい Reading
everyone Translation eng ladies and gentlemen Translation eng attention media representatives (e.g. heading on a press release) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren Translation ger Verehrte Anwesende Translation ger gentilshommes Translation fre

皆皆様 Word 皆々様 Word
みなみなさま Reading
Ladies and Gentlemen! Translation eng all of you Translation eng everyone Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger alle Translation ger alle zusammen Translation ger

列位 Traditional 列位 Simplified
lie4 wei4 Pinyin
ladies and gentlemen English all of you present English

女士們 Traditional 女士们 Simplified
nu:3 shi4 men5 Pinyin
ladies English

女士優先 Traditional 女士优先 Simplified
nu:3 shi4 you1 xian1 Pinyin
Ladies first! English

女廁 Traditional 女厕 Simplified
nu:3 ce4 Pinyin
ladies washroom English ladies toilet English

幾位 Traditional 几位 Simplified
ji3 wei4 Pinyin
several people (honorific) English Ladies and Gentlemen! English

諸位 Traditional 诸位 Simplified
zhu1 wei4 Pinyin
(pron) everyone English Ladies and Gentlemen English Sirs English

諸君 Traditional 诸君 Simplified
zhu1 jun1 Pinyin
Gentlemen! (start of a speech) English Ladies and Gentlemen! English

艶福家 Word
えんぷくか Reading
ladies' man Translation eng Don Juan Translation ger Mann, der Glück bei Frauen hat Translation ger

諸君 Word
しょくん Reading
Gentlemen! Translation eng Ladies! Translation eng Sie Translation ger Liebe Freunde! Translation ger Liebe Mädchen und Jungen! Translation ger Meine Damen und Herren! Translation ger mesdames et messieurs ! Translation fre "Господа!" (обращение ко всем одновременно) Translation rus

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