Character legendary hsia dynasty founder Definition
YU3 Pinyin jyu5 Jyutping U On MUSHI TASUKERU NOBIRU Kun Hangul WU Korean *hiǒ Tang dừng Viet

羿 Character legendary archer Definition
YI4 Pinyin ngai6 Jyutping GEI On ngèi Tang

Character legendary ruler Definition
SHUN4 Pinyin seon3 Jyutping SHUN On HIRUGAO MUKUGE SATOI Kun Hangul SWUN Korean thuấn Viet

Character legendary auspicious animal Definition
QI2 Pinyin kei4 Jyutping KI GI On Hangul KI Korean ghiə Tang Viet

黄金国 Word
おうごんこく Reading
El Dorado Translation eng legendary land of wealth Translation eng El Dorado Translation ger

伝奇的 Word
でんきてき Reading
legendary Translation eng romantisch Translation ger abenteuerlich Translation ger

説話文学 Word
せつわぶんがく Reading
legendary literature Translation eng narrative literature Translation eng

傳奇 Traditional 传奇 Simplified
chuan2 qi2 Pinyin
legendary English fantasy saga English romance English short stories of the Tang and Song Dynasty English

檮杌 Traditional 梼杌 Simplified
tao2 wu4 Pinyin
legendary beast English

Traditional Simplified
wan4 Pinyin
to play with English careless English legendary archer English

西池 Traditional 西池 Simplified
Xi1 Chi2 Pinyin
legendary pool English

隱土 Traditional 隐土 Simplified
yin3 tu3 Pinyin
legendary land of hermits English secret land English the back of beyond English

Traditional Simplified
li2 Pinyin
black horse English jet steed English good horse English legendary black dragon English

Traditional Simplified
zhen4 Pinyin
legendary bird whose feathers can be used as poison English poisonous English to poison sb English

羿 Literal
yi4 Reading Pinyin ゲイ Reading On
legendary archer Meaning

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