Character legs of trousers; overalls worn by workmen Definition
LONG2 LONG3 Pinyin lung4 Jyutping

下脚 Word
かきゃく Reading
legs Translation eng lower limbs Translation eng

鎌足 Word
かまあし Reading
legs bowed in Translation eng sitting with heels spread apart Translation eng

足腰 Word
あしこし Reading
legs and loins Translation eng Beine und Hüfte Translation ger Beine und Lenden Translation ger

机の足 Word
つくえのあし Reading
legs of a table Translation eng

Radical Radical
legs Meaning

爪兒 Traditional 爪儿 Simplified
zhua3 r5 Pinyin
paws (of small animal) English same as 爪子 English legs of furniture or apparatus English stupid person English

Traditional Simplified
zhi1 Pinyin
wings of birds English legs of animals English

腿腳 Traditional 腿脚 Simplified
tui3 jiao3 Pinyin
legs and feet English ability to walk English strides English

雙腿 Traditional 双腿 Simplified
shuang1 tui3 Pinyin
legs English both legs English two legs English

er2 Reading Pinyin ren2 Reading Pinyin ジン Reading On ニン Reading On がい Reading Kun in Reading Korean gye Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
legs radical (no. 10) Meaning

Character legs, thighs Definition
TUI3 Pinyin teoi2 Jyutping TAI On MOMO Kun Hangul THOY Korean thoái Viet

Character legs; KangXi radical 105 Definition
BO1 Pinyin but6 Jyutping HATSU HACHI On SOMUKU Kun

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