Unicode 5.2
Character Definition legs of the trousers , a second name for the trousers , fur pants
Pinyin GUAN3 Jyutping gun2 kong3

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition legs of trousers ; overalls worn by workmen
Pinyin LONG2 LONG3 Jyutping lung4

JMdict 100319
Word 下脚
Reading かきゃく
Translation eng legs ; lower limbs

JMdict 100319
Word 鎌足
Reading かまあし
Translation eng legs bowed in ; sitting with heels spread apart

JMdict 100319
Word 足腰
Reading あしこし
Translation eng legs and loins Translation ger Beine und Hüfte ; Beine und Lenden

JMdict 100319
Word 机の足
Reading つくえのあし
Translation eng legs of a table

Radical List
Radical Radical
Meaning legs

CEDict 100318
Traditional 爪兒 Simplified 爪儿
Pinyin zhua3 r5
English paws ( of small animal ) ; same as 爪子 ; legs of furniture or apparatus ; stupid person

CEDict 100318
Traditional Simplified
Pinyin zhi1
English wings of birds ; legs of animals

CEDict 100318
Traditional 腿腳 Simplified 腿脚
Pinyin tui3 jiao3
English legs and feet ; ability to walk ; strides

CEDict 100318
Traditional 雙腿 Simplified 双腿
Pinyin shuang1 tui3
English legs ; both legs ; two legs

KanjiDic2 100402
Reading Pinyin er2 ; ren2 Reading On ジン ; ニン Reading Kun がい Reading Korean in ; gye Reading Korean ;
Meaning legs radical ( no . 10 )

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition legs , thighs
Pinyin TUI3 Jyutping teoi2 On TAI Kun MOMO Hangul Korean THOY Viet thoái

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition legs ; KangXi radical 105
Pinyin BO1 Jyutping but6 On HATSU HACHI Kun SOMUKU

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