ほたる Reading ホタル Reading
firefly Translation eng lightning bug Translation eng {Insektenk.} Glühwürmchen Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Luciola cruciata> bzw. <wiss. N.: Luciola lateralis>) Translation ger luciole Translation fre ver luisant Translation fre светлячо́к Translation rus

襲雷 Word
しゅうらい Reading
lightning strike Translation eng lightning bolt Translation eng

電撃 Word
でんげき Reading
electric shock Translation eng blitz Translation eng lightning attack Translation eng (schriftspr.) elektrischer Schlag Translation ger Elektroschock Translation ger Blitzangriff Translation ger Blitzkrieg Translation ger

電光 Word
でんこう Reading
lightning Translation eng Blitz Translation ger Blitzstrahl Translation ger éclair Translation fre étincelle Translation fre foudre Translation fre

電光石火 Word
でんこうせっか Reading
lightning speed Translation eng Blitz Translation ger extrem kurze Zeit Translation ger extrem schnelle Handlung Translation ger

突貫 Word
とっかん Reading
charge Translation eng rush Translation eng lightning attack Translation eng Stechen Translation ger Sturmangriff Translation ger Attacke Translation ger rasche Durchführung Translation ger assaut Translation fre charge Translation fre

避雷針 Word
ひらいしん Reading
lightning rod Translation eng Blitzableiter Translation ger paratonnerre Translation fre

雷光 Word
らいこう Reading
lightning Translation eng Blitz Translation ger

ライトニング Reading
lightning Translation eng мо́лния Translation rus

列缺 Traditional 列缺 Simplified
lie4 que1 Pinyin
lightning (archaic word) English

神速 Traditional 神速 Simplified
shen2 su4 Pinyin
lightning speed English amazingly rapid English incredible pace of development English

螢火蟲 Traditional 萤火虫 Simplified
ying2 huo3 chong2 Pinyin
firefly English glowworm English lightning bug English

避雷器 Traditional 避雷器 Simplified
bi4 lei2 qi4 Pinyin
lightning arrester English

避雷針 Traditional 避雷针 Simplified
bi4 lei2 zhen1 Pinyin
lightning rod English

Traditional Simplified
shan3 Pinyin
to dodge English to duck out of the way English shaken (by a fall) English to sprain English to pull a muscle English lightning English spark English a flash English to flash (across one's mind) English to leave behind English surname Shan English

閃擊 Traditional 闪击 Simplified
shan3 ji1 Pinyin
lightning attack English Blitzkrieg English

閃擊戰 Traditional 闪击战 Simplified
shan3 ji1 zhan4 Pinyin
lightning war English Blitzkrieg English

閃電 Traditional 闪电 Simplified
shan3 dian4 Pinyin
lightning English

閃電戰 Traditional 闪电战 Simplified
shan3 dian4 zhan4 Pinyin
Blitzkrieg English lightning war English

雷擊 Traditional 雷击 Simplified
lei2 ji1 Pinyin
lightning strike English thunderbolt English

電光 Traditional 电光 Simplified
dian4 guang1 Pinyin
electric light English lightning English electro-optical English

電閃 Traditional 电闪 Simplified
dian4 shan3 Pinyin
lightning English

lei2 Reading Pinyin ライ Reading On かみなり Reading Kun いかずち Reading Kun いかづち Reading Kun roe Reading Korean Reading Korean
thunder Meaning lightning bolt Meaning tonnerre Meaning fr foudre Meaning fr trueno Meaning es relámpago Meaning es rayo Meaning es trovão Meaning pt raio Meaning pt

ting2 Reading Pinyin テイ Reading On いかづち Reading Kun jeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
lightning Meaning thunder Meaning

ying2 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On ほたる Reading Kun hyeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
lightning-bug Meaning firefly Meaning ver luisant Meaning fr luciole Meaning fr luciérnaga Meaning es pirilampo Meaning pt vaga-lume Meaning pt

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