Character lines Definition
GUA1 LUO2 Pinyin lo4 Jyutping
U+8161 Traditional

Character lines Definition
GUA1 LUO2 Pinyin lo4 Jyutping RA KA KE KAI On
U+8136 Simplified

手筋 Word
てすじ Reading
lines of the palm Translation eng aptitude Translation eng handwriting Translation eng apt move (in a go or shogi game) Translation eng standard method Translation eng Handlinien Translation ger Handschrift Translation ger Begabung Translation ger

稜線 Word
りょうせん Reading
lines of a mountain ridge Translation eng Grat Translation ger Kamm Translation ger

流線 Word
りゅうせん Reading
flow line Translation eng streamline Translation eng lines representing the flow of a fluid Translation eng

ラインズ Reading Lines Romaji

地壟 Traditional 地垄 Simplified
di4 long3 Pinyin
lines on ridges on ploughed field English

汀線 Traditional 汀线 Simplified
ting1 xian4 Pinyin
lines formed by waves on a beach English

Traditional Simplified
yao2 Pinyin
lines on a trigram English

經緯線 Traditional 经纬线 Simplified
jing1 wei3 xian4 Pinyin
lines of latitude and longitude English warp and woof English

Traditional Simplified
liao2 Pinyin
lines for a sail English wind round English

gua1 Reading Pinyin luo2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On Reading On カイ Reading On
lines Meaning

Character lines; stripes; veins Definition
LI2 Pinyin laai6 lei4 Jyutping lưới Viet

Character lines; stripes; veins on an iron plate Definition
XIAO3 Pinyin hiu2 Jyutping

線審 Word
せんしん Reading
linesman Translation eng {Tennis, Fußball} Linienrichter Translation ger

ラインズマン Reading
linesman Translation eng

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