Character low-lying area, to accumulate soil; to store up soil Definition
ZHI2 Pinyin zik6 Jyutping

ポルダー Reading
low-lying land reclaimed from the sea Translation eng polder Source Language dut

低窪 Traditional 低洼 Simplified
di1 wa1 Pinyin
low-lying English

坳陷 Traditional 坳陷 Simplified
ao4 xian4 Pinyin
depression English low-lying area English

壑谷 Traditional 壑谷 Simplified
he4 gu3 Pinyin
low-lying humid terrain English

窪地 Traditional 洼地 Simplified
wa1 di4 Pinyin
depression English low-lying ground English

あくつ Reading Kun
low-lying land Meaning (kokuji) Meaning

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