Character lying prone, leaning over Definition
PA1 Pinyin paa1 Jyutping

よこ Reading
unconnected Translation eng horizontal (as opposed to vertical) Translation eng lying down Translation eng side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back) Translation eng width Translation eng breadth Translation eng side (of a box, etc.) Translation eng beside Translation eng aside Translation eng next to Translation eng Seite Translation ger Breite Translation ger Seite Translation ger Körperseite Translation ger à coté Translation fre coté Translation fre largeur Translation fre бок Translation rus поперечник Translation rus
横になる Crossref 首を横に振る Crossref 横から口を挟む Crossref

横臥 Word
おうが Reading
lying on the side Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Liegen auf der Seite Translation ger

寝起き Word
ねおき Reading
lying down and getting up Translation eng waking Translation eng living (with) Translation eng staying (with) Translation eng leben Translation ger wohnen Translation ger Stimmung beim Aufstehen Translation ger

伏在 Word
ふくざい Reading
lying concealed Translation eng being hidden Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Verborgenheit Translation ger

腹這い Word
はらばい Reading
lying on one's belly Translation eng Kriechen Translation ger (auf dem Bauch) Translation ger Liegen Translation ger (auf dem Bauch) Translation ger

平臥 Word
へいが Reading
lying down Translation eng being laid up Translation eng liegen Translation ger (übertr.) Translation ger krank im Bett liegen Translation ger

俯き Word 俯向き Word
うつむき Reading
lying face down Translation eng upside down Translation eng

俯け Word 俯向け Word
うつむけ Reading
lying face down Translation eng upside down Translation eng

偃臥 Word
えんが Reading
lying face down Translation eng

俯せ Word
うつぶせ Reading
lying on one's face Translation eng upside-down Translation eng Bauchlage Translation ger Lage auf dem Gesicht Translation ger renversé Translation fre

山積 Word
さんせき Reading
lying in piles Translation eng form into piles Translation eng forming a (huge) pile Translation eng Haufen wie ein Berg Translation ger Anhäufen zu einem Berg Translation ger formant un (gros) tas Translation fre former un tas Translation fre monceau Translation fre

休耕 Word
きゅうこう Reading
lying fallow Translation eng Brache Translation ger

鳴かず飛ばず Word
なかずとばず Reading
living in obscurity Translation eng lying low Translation eng remaining unnoticed Translation eng

伏臥 Traditional 伏卧 Simplified
fu2 wo4 Pinyin
lying down English to lie prostrate English prone English

塵封 Traditional 尘封 Simplified
chen2 feng1 Pinyin
covered in dust English dusty English lying unused for a long time English

枕藉 Traditional 枕藉 Simplified
zhen3 jie4 Pinyin
to lie in total disorder English lying fallen over one another English

臥式 Traditional 卧式 Simplified
wo4 shi4 Pinyin
lying English horizontal English

遺容 Traditional 遗容 Simplified
yi2 rong2 Pinyin
remains (corpse) English lying in state English

閒置 Traditional 闲置 Simplified
xian2 zhi4 Pinyin
to leave sth forgotten English to set aside English lying idle English

bin4 Reading Pinyin ヒン Reading On かりもがり Reading Kun bin Reading Korean Reading Korean
lying in state Meaning unburied coffin Meaning

分娩臥床 Word
ぶんべんがしょう Reading
lying-in bed Translation eng

產期 Traditional 产期 Simplified
chan3 qi1 Pinyin
time of birth English period of labor English lying-in English

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