Character male organ Definition
LAO2 LIAO2 Pinyin liu4 Jyutping

Character male phoenix; symbol of joy Definition
FENG4 Pinyin fung6 Jyutping HOU On
U+9CF3 Traditional

Character male nettle-hemp Definition
XI3 Pinyin saai2 Jyutping SHI On KARAMUSHI Kun Hangul SI Korean

Character male of animals; bolt of door Definition
MU3 Pinyin maau5 mau5 Jyutping BO BOU On OSU Kun Hangul MO Korean

Character male of species; hero; manly Definition
XIONG2 Pinyin hung4 Jyutping YUU On OSU O Kun Hangul WUNG Korean *hiung Tang hùng Viet

Character male phoenix; symbol of joy Definition
U+9CF3 Variant

Character male phoenix; symbol of joy Definition
FENG4 Pinyin fung6 Jyutping HOU FUU On OOTORI Kun Hangul PONG Korean *bhiùng Tang phượng Viet
U+51E4 Simplified U+9CEF Variant

Character male mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) Definition
YUAN1 Pinyin jin1 jyun1 Jyutping EN ON On Hangul WEN Korean *qiuæn Tang uyên Viet
U+9E33 Simplified

Character male mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) Definition
YUAN1 Pinyin jyun1 Jyutping
U+9D1B Traditional

𩸨 Character male whale Definition
YI2 Pinyin

お祖父さん Word 御祖父さん Word お爺さん Word 御爺さん Word
おじいさん Reading
grandfather Translation eng male senior-citizen Translation eng (mein) Translation ger Großvater Translation ger Opa Translation ger ein alter Mann Translation ger Opa Translation ger grand-père Translation fre homme âgé Translation fre vieillard Translation fre де́душка Translation rus
祖父さん Crossref

ギャルソン Reading ガルソン Reading カルソン Reading
boy Translation eng male waiter Translation eng Kellner Translation ger Portier Translation ger гарсо́н Translation rus garcon Source Language fre

メール Reading メイル Reading メェル Reading
email Translation eng mail (usu. in phrases and compound words) Translation eng male Translation eng Post Translation ger {EDV} E-Mail Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger . Translation ger почта Translation rus электронная почта Translation rus

急所 Word
きゅうしょ Reading
vitals Translation eng tender spot Translation eng key (of a problem) Translation eng crux Translation eng essential point Translation eng secret Translation eng male crotch (as a target in fighting) Translation eng vitaler Punkt Translation ger springender Punkt Translation ger wunder Punkt Translation ger Kern Translation ger Angelpunkt Translation ger empfindliche Körperstelle Translation ger edler Körperteil Translation ger jmds. schwacher Punkt Translation ger point névralgique Translation fre point vital Translation fre talon d'Achille Translation fre
金的 Crossref

御釜 Word お釜 Word 御竈 Word
おかま Reading オカマ Reading
pot Translation eng volcanic crater Translation eng (one's) buttocks Translation eng male homosexual Translation eng effeminate man Translation eng male transvestite Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger Tunte Translation ger Schwester Translation ger Fummeltrine Translation ger {Geol.} Krater Translation ger (eines Vulkans) Translation ger

三助 Word
さんすけ Reading
male bathhouse attendant Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger Badehauswärter Translation ger Diener Translation ger (in der Edo-Zeit) Translation ger

雌雄 Word
しゆう Reading
male and female (animal) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Männchen und Weibchen Translation ger Sieg oder Niederlage Translation ger mâle et femelle Translation fre victoire ou défaite Translation fre

従兄弟 Word
いとこ Reading じゅうけいてい Reading
male cousin Translation eng Cousin Translation ger Vetter Translation ger cousin (masculin) Translation fre двоюродный брат Translation rus

おとこ Reading
man Translation eng Mann Translation ger Geliebter Translation ger Liebhaber Translation ger homme Translation fre mâle Translation fre мужчина Translation rus

男の子 Word 男のコ Word 男の児 Word
おとこのこ Reading おとこのコ Reading
boy Translation eng male child Translation eng baby boy Translation eng Junge Translation ger garçon Translation fre jeune garçon Translation fre

男娼 Word
だんしょう Reading
male prostitute Translation eng Strichjunge Translation ger Stricher Translation ger

男色 Word
だんしょく Reading なんしょく Reading
sodomy Translation eng male homosexuality Translation eng schwule Liebe Translation ger homosexuelle Liebe zwischen Männern Translation ger

男親 Word
おとこおや Reading
father Translation eng male parent Translation eng Vater Translation ger

男性 Word
だんせい Reading
man Translation eng male Translation eng masculine gender Translation eng männliches Geschlecht Translation ger Mann Translation ger Maskulinum Translation ger mâle Translation fre sexe masculin Translation fre мужчи́на Translation rus

男尊女卑 Word
だんそんじょひ Reading
male domination of women Translation eng male chauvinism Translation eng subjection of women Translation eng Androzentrismus Translation ger (Bevorzugung der Männer und Diskriminierung der Frauen) Translation ger domination de l'homme sur la femme Translation fre machisme Translation fre pâtriarcat Translation fre

童貞 Word
どうてい Reading
virginity (esp. of a man) Translation eng male virgin Translation eng (Catholic) nun Translation eng Keuschheit Translation ger Jungfräulichkeit Translation ger Unschuld Translation ger

僕婢 Word
ぼくひ Reading
male and female servants Translation eng Diener und Dienerinnen Translation ger

Word Word
おす Reading
male (animal) Translation eng Männchen Translation ger (bei Tieren) Translation ger mâle (animal) Translation fre самец Translation rus

雄犬 Word
おすいぬ Reading
male dog Translation eng Rüde Translation ger

雄猫 Word 男猫 Word 牡猫 Word
おすねこ Reading おねこ Reading
tomcat Translation eng male cat Translation eng Kater Translation ger

雄性 Word
ゆうせい Reading
male characteristics Translation eng manliness Translation eng Männlichkeit Translation ger

金的 Word
きんてき Reading
bull's-eye Translation eng object of desire Translation eng male crotch (as a target in fighting) Translation eng the jewels (as in kick him in ...) Translation eng Schwarze der Zielscheibe Translation ger центр мише́ни Translation rus я́блочко Translation rus цель Translation rus

男工 Word
だんこう Reading
male worker Translation eng male machine operator Translation eng Fabrikarbeiter Translation ger

男手 Word
おとこで Reading
man's handwriting Translation eng male help Translation eng Männerhand Translation ger Männerhandschrift Translation ger Kanji Translation ger Zeichen, die Männer schreiben Translation ger männliche Arbeitskraft Translation ger

男心 Word
おとこごころ Reading
male instincts Translation eng male frivolity Translation eng Gefühle eines Mannes Translation ger Herz eines Mannes Translation ger

男囚 Word
だんしゅう Reading
male convict or prisoner Translation eng Gefangener Translation ger Häftling Translation ger Sträfling Translation ger

男声 Word
だんせい Reading
male voice Translation eng Männerstimme Translation ger

男系 Word
だんけい Reading
male lineage Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger männliche Linie Translation ger Vaterseite Translation ger

男役 Word
おとこやく Reading
male part or role Translation eng {Theat.} Hosenrolle Translation ger

男妾 Word
だんしょう Reading
male paramour Translation eng Gigolo Translation ger

男衆 Word
おとこしゅう Reading
men Translation eng manservant Translation eng male attendants to an actor Translation eng Männer Translation ger Diener Translation ger

雄花 Word
おばな Reading
male flower Translation eng {Bot.} männliche Blüte Translation ger

沙弥 Word
しゃみ Reading さみ Reading
male Buddhist novice Translation eng {Buddh.} buddhistischer Novize Translation ger (im Alter von 7-20 Jahren) Translation ger

男声合唱 Word
だんせいがっしょう Reading
male chorus Translation eng male-voice choir Translation eng chorus for male voices Translation eng Männerchor Translation ger

牡馬 Word
ぼば Reading おすうま Reading
male horse Translation eng

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