e4 Reading Pinyin e3 Reading Pinyin wu4 Reading Pinyin アク Reading On Reading On わる. Reading Kun わる- Reading Kun . Reading Kun にく. Reading Kun -にく. Reading Kun ああ Reading Kun いずくに Reading Kun いずくんぞ Reading Kun にく. Reading Kun ag Reading Korean o Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
bad Meaning vice Meaning rascal Meaning false Meaning evil Meaning wrong Meaning mauvais Meaning fr vice Meaning fr vaurien Meaning fr faux Meaning fr mal Meaning fr malo Meaning es incorrecto Meaning es equivocado Meaning es odio Meaning es mal Meaning es mal Meaning pt ruim Meaning pt falso Meaning pt mau Meaning pt errado Meaning pt

馬龍 Traditional 马龙 Simplified
ma3 long2 Pinyin
Malong (Ort in Yunnan) (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

馬籠头 Traditional 马笼头 Simplified
ma3 long2 tou2 Pinyin
Zaumzeug, Zaum (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

馬龍縣 Traditional 马龙县 Simplified
ma3 long2 xian4 Pinyin
Malong (u.E.) Deutsch

不正咬合 Word
ふせいこうごう Reading
malocclusion Translation eng

chou4 Reading Pinyin xiu4 Reading Pinyin シュウ Reading On くさ. Reading Kun -くさ. Reading Kun にお. Reading Kun にお. Reading Kun chwi Reading Korean Reading Korean
stinking Meaning ill-smelling Meaning suspicious looking Meaning odor Meaning savor Meaning fragrance Meaning be fragrant Meaning stink Meaning glow Meaning be bright Meaning sentir mauvais Meaning fr malodorant Meaning fr odeur Meaning fr saveur Meaning fr parfum Meaning fr puer Meaning fr aspect louche Meaning fr brillant Meaning fr peste Meaning es hedor Meaning es mal olor Meaning es apestar Meaning es oler mal Meaning es fedendo Meaning pt cheiro de doença Meaning pt parecer suspeito Meaning pt odor Meaning pt cheiro Meaning pt fragrância Meaning pt cheirar Meaning pt feder Meaning pt brilhar Meaning pt brilhante Meaning pt

ku1 Reading Pinyin Reading On .れる Reading Kun .らす Reading Kun go Reading Korean Reading Korean
wither Meaning die Meaning dry up Meaning be seasoned Meaning dépérir Meaning fr mourir Meaning fr se faner Meaning fr sec (bois) Meaning fr marchito Meaning es seco Meaning es decaimiento Meaning es secar Meaning es malograr Meaning es marchitarse Meaning es secarse Meaning es decaer Meaning es encolher Meaning pt secar Meaning pt ressecar Meaning pt evaporar Meaning pt

shi1 Reading Pinyin シツ Reading On うしな. Reading Kun .せる Reading Kun sil Reading Korean Reading Korean
lose Meaning error Meaning fault Meaning disadvantage Meaning loss Meaning perdre Meaning fr erreur Meaning fr faute Meaning fr désavantage Meaning fr pérdida Meaning es error Meaning es defecto Meaning es fallo Meaning es perder Meaning es malograr Meaning es errar Meaning es erro Meaning pt falta Meaning pt desvantagem Meaning pt perda Meaning pt

マロン Reading Mallon Romaji Malon Romaji Maron Romaji

マローン Reading Malone Romaji Marone Romaji

マローニィ Reading Maloney Romaji

マロニー Reading Maloney Romaji Mulroney Romaji

マロン酸 Word
マロンさん Reading
malonic acid Translation eng {Chem.} Malonsäure Translation ger

マロリー Reading Mallory Romaji Malory Romaji

マロ Reading Malot Romaji Marot Romaji

マロット Reading Malott Romaji

マルーエ Reading Malouet Romaji

マルーフ Reading Malouf Romaji

マロー Reading Mallow (Ireland) Romaji Maloux Romaji Marrow Romaji Murrow Romaji

マーロフ Reading Malov Romaji

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