Character name of a county in today's Shanxi province Definition
MAN3 Pinyin mun5 Jyutping

Character the corners of the mouth the lips Definition
WEN3 Pinyin man3 Jyutping BUN MON On KUCHIBATA Kun răn Viet

Character the youngest Definition
MAN3 Pinyin mei1 Jyutping

Character fullness, enough; pride Definition
U+6EFF Variant

Character fill; full, satisfied Definition
MAN3 MEN4 Pinyin mun5 Jyutping MAN BAN On MICHIRU MITASU Kun
U+6EFF Traditional

滿 Character fill; full, satisfied Definition
MAN3 MEN4 Pinyin mun5 Jyutping MAN BAN On MICHIRU MITASU Kun Hangul MAN Korean *mɑ̌n Tang mãn Viet
U+6EE1 Simplified

Character to see, witness, inspect Definition
MAN3 Pinyin maan5 Jyutping BAN MAN RAN On MIRU MISONAWASU Kun

Character insect Definition
MAN3 Pinyin
U+87CE Traditional

Character insect Definition
MAN3 Pinyin DANI Kun
U+87A8 Simplified

MAN3 Pinyin

MAN3 Pinyin BAN MAN On KOGANE Kun Hangul MAN Korean

𠍁 Character (Cant.) an undesirable situation Definition
man3 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
man3 Pinyin
the youngest English

Traditional Simplified
man3 Pinyin
Japanese variant of 滿| English

滿 Traditional Simplified
man3 Pinyin
full English filled English packed English fully English completely English quite English to reach the limit English to satisfy English satisfied English contented English to fill English abbr. for Manchurian English

滿世界 Traditional 满世界 Simplified
man3 shi4 jie4 Pinyin
everywhere English across the world English

滿人 Traditional 满人 Simplified
Man3 ren2 Pinyin
a Manchu English

滿公 Traditional 满公 Simplified
man3 gong1 Pinyin
altogether English in all English

滿分 Traditional 满分 Simplified
man3 fen1 Pinyin
full marks English

滿口應承 Traditional 满口应承 Simplified
man3 kou3 ying4 cheng2 Pinyin
to promise readily English

滿口稱讚 Traditional 满口称赞 Simplified
man3 kou3 cheng1 zan4 Pinyin
to praise profusely English

滿口謊言 Traditional 满口谎言 Simplified
man3 kou3 huang3 yan2 Pinyin
to pour out lies English

滿員 Traditional 满员 Simplified
man3 yuan2 Pinyin
full complement English at full strength English no vacancies English

滿嘴 Traditional 满嘴 Simplified
man3 zui3 Pinyin
a mouthful English

滿嘴噴糞 Traditional 满嘴喷粪 Simplified
man3 zui3 pen1 fen4 Pinyin
to talk bullshit English

滿堂 Traditional 满堂 Simplified
man3 tang2 Pinyin
whole audience English a sell-out (capacity audience) English jam-packed English

滿堂灌 Traditional 满堂灌 Simplified
man3 tang2 guan4 Pinyin
cramming (as a teaching method) English rote learning English

滿場一致 Traditional 满场一致 Simplified
man3 chang3 yi1 zhi4 Pinyin
unanimous English

滿壘 Traditional 满垒 Simplified
man3 lei3 Pinyin
bases loaded (in baseball) English

滿天 Traditional 满天 Simplified
man3 tian1 Pinyin
whole sky English

滿天飛 Traditional 满天飞 Simplified
man3 tian1 fei1 Pinyin
to rush around everywhere English always active English

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