cui1 Reading Pinyin サイ Reading On もよう. Reading Kun もよお. Reading Kun choe Reading Korean Reading Korean
sponsor Meaning hold (a meeting) Meaning give (a dinner) Meaning mécène Meaning fr tenir (un meeting) Meaning fr donner (un dîner) Meaning fr prendre en charge Meaning fr efectuar según los planes Meaning es reunión Meaning es función teatral Meaning es organizar Meaning es celebrar Meaning es llevar Meaning es traer Meaning es patrocinador Meaning pt manter (um encontro) Meaning pt oferecer (um jantar) Meaning pt

zhan1 Reading Pinyin zhan4 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On .める Reading Kun うらな. Reading Kun うら Nanori しむ Nanori じめ Nanori jeom Reading Korean Reading Korean
fortune-telling Meaning divining Meaning forecasting Meaning occupy Meaning hold Meaning have Meaning get Meaning take Meaning bonne aventure Meaning fr divination Meaning fr prédiction Meaning fr occuper Meaning fr tenir Meaning fr posséder Meaning fr avoir Meaning fr prendre Meaning fr adivinar Meaning es pronosticar Meaning es ocupar Meaning es poseer Meaning es tomar Meaning es Ler a sorte Meaning pt advinhar Meaning pt previsão Meaning pt ocupar-se Meaning pt segurar Meaning pt manter Meaning pt obter Meaning pt tomar Meaning pt

zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun -お. Reading Kun おき Nanori おけ Nanori Nanori chi Reading Korean Reading Korean
placement Meaning put Meaning set Meaning deposit Meaning leave behind Meaning keep Meaning employ Meaning pawn Meaning placer Meaning fr poser Meaning fr déposer Meaning fr faire à l'avance Meaning fr laisser derrière Meaning fr garder Meaning fr employer Meaning fr gage Meaning fr poner Meaning es colocar Meaning es situar Meaning es colocação Meaning pt por Meaning pt colocar Meaning pt depositar Meaning pt abandonar Meaning pt manter Meaning pt empregar Meaning pt hipotecar Meaning pt

マント Reading マンテル Reading
mantle Translation eng cloak Translation eng manteau Translation eng Mantel Translation ger Umhang Translation ger

マンテル Reading Mantell Romaji

マンテルピース Reading
mantelpiece Translation eng

マンテルリ Reading Mantelli Romaji

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