Character terror; horror; fear Definition

Character imperial degree; daoist magic Definition
MENG3 Pinyin BAU On

Character stupid, ignorant, dull Definition
MENG3 MENG2 Pinyin mung2 mung4 mung5 Jyutping

Character violent, savage, cruel; bold Definition
MENG3 Pinyin maang5 Jyutping MOU BOU On TAKESHI Kun Hangul MAYNG Korean *mæ̌ng Tang mãnh Viet

MENG3 Pinyin

Character small boat Definition
MENG3 Pinyin maang5 Jyutping MOU MYOU On HUNE Kun mành Viet

Character grasshopper Definition
MENG3 MENG4 Pinyin maang5 Jyutping

Character midges; sandflies Definition
MENG3 Pinyin mung5 Jyutping BOU MU On KATSUOMUSHI Kun chĩnh mòng Viet

Character manganese Definition
MENG3 Pinyin maang5 Jyutping MOU On MANGAN Kun
U+9530 Simplified

Character manganese Definition
MENG3 Pinyin maang5 Jyutping
U+9333 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
meng3 Pinyin
brave English fierce English

Traditional Simplified
meng3 Pinyin
stupid English

Traditional Simplified
meng3 Pinyin
ferocious English suddenly English fierce English violent English abrupt English

猛一看 Traditional 猛一看 Simplified
meng3 yi1 kan4 Pinyin
at first glance English first impression English

猛丁 Traditional 猛丁 Simplified
meng3 ding1 Pinyin
suddenly English

猛不防 Traditional 猛不防 Simplified
meng3 bu4 fang2 Pinyin
suddenly English unexpectedly English taken by surprise English at unawares English

猛乍 Traditional 猛乍 Simplified
meng3 zha4 Pinyin
suddenly English unexpectedly English

猛力 Traditional 猛力 Simplified
meng3 li4 Pinyin
with all one's might English with sudden force English violently English to slam English

猛勁兒 Traditional 猛劲儿 Simplified
meng3 jin4 r5 Pinyin
to dash English to put on a spurt English to redouble efforts English

猛可 Traditional 猛可 Simplified
meng3 ke3 Pinyin
suddenly English in an instant English

猛地 Traditional 猛地 Simplified
meng3 de5 Pinyin
suddenly English

猛增 Traditional 猛增 Simplified
meng3 zeng1 Pinyin
sharp increase English rapid growth English

猛將 Traditional 猛将 Simplified
meng3 jiang4 Pinyin
fierce general English valiant military leader English fig. brave individual English

猛幹 Traditional 猛干 Simplified
meng3 gan4 Pinyin
to tie in to English

猛打 Traditional 猛打 Simplified
meng3 da3 Pinyin
to strike English wham! English

猛撞 Traditional 猛撞 Simplified
meng3 zhuang4 Pinyin
slam English

猛撲 Traditional 猛扑 Simplified
meng3 pu1 Pinyin
to charge English to pounce on English to swoop down on English

猛擊 Traditional 猛击 Simplified
meng3 ji1 Pinyin
to slap English to smack English to punch English

猛攻 Traditional 猛攻 Simplified
meng3 gong1 Pinyin
to attack violently English to storm English

猛烈 Traditional 猛烈 Simplified
meng3 lie4 Pinyin
fierce English violent (criticism etc) English

猛然 Traditional 猛然 Simplified
meng3 ran2 Pinyin
suddenly English abruptly English

猛獁 Traditional 猛犸 Simplified
meng3 ma3 Pinyin
mammoth English

猛獸 Traditional 猛兽 Simplified
meng3 shou4 Pinyin
ferocious beast English fierce animal English

猛禽 Traditional 猛禽 Simplified
meng3 qin2 Pinyin
bird of prey English

猛虎 Traditional 猛虎 Simplified
meng3 hu3 Pinyin
fierce tiger English

猛衝 Traditional 猛冲 Simplified
meng3 chong1 Pinyin
to charge forward English

猛跌 Traditional 猛跌 Simplified
meng3 die1 Pinyin
drop sharply (e.g. stock prices) English

猛進 Traditional 猛进 Simplified
meng3 jin4 Pinyin
to advance boldly English to push ahead vigorously English

猛醒 Traditional 猛醒 Simplified
meng3 xing3 Pinyin
to realise suddenly English to wake up to the truth English

Traditional Simplified
meng3 Pinyin
mongoose English

獴科 Traditional 獴科 Simplified
meng3 ke1 Pinyin
Herpestidae (zoology) English

Traditional Simplified
meng3 Pinyin
small boat English

Traditional Simplified
Meng3 Pinyin Meng2 Taiwan
Mongol ethnic group English abbr. for Mongolia 蒙古國|蒙古国[Meng3 gu3 guo2] English

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