Character metal wire Definition
XIAN4 Pinyin sin3 Jyutping

Character metal decoration on a halter Definition
LA4 LIE4 Pinyin lip6 Jyutping

Character metal jewelry Definition

Character metal ring; measure of currency Definition
HUAN2 Pinyin waan4 Jyutping KAN On WA Kun Hangul HWAN Korean *huan Tang
U+956E Simplified

Character metal ring; measure of currency Definition
HUAN2 Pinyin waan4 Jyutping KAN On WA Kun
U+9436 Traditional

アイゼン Reading
metal pins of climbing shoes Translation eng crampons Translation eng climbing irons Translation eng {Bergsteigen} Steigeisen Translation ger Eisen Source Language ger

メタル Reading
metal Translation eng Metall Translation ger

メタルテープ Reading
metal tape Translation eng Metallband Translation ger (für Aufnahmen) Translation ger

メタルフレーム Reading
metal frame Translation eng Metallrahmen Translation ger

かね Reading
money Translation eng metal Translation eng Metall Translation ger Geld Translation ger Münze Translation ger Vermögen Translation ger Mittel Translation ger Betrag Translation ger argent Translation fre métal Translation fre (1) деньги Translation rus (2) металл Translation rus

きん Reading
gold Translation eng golden (color) Translation eng metaphor for (most) valuable Translation eng gold (medal, cup) Translation eng money (written before an amount) Translation eng Friday Translation eng metal (fourth of the five elements) Translation eng Jin (dynasty of China; 1115-1234 CE) Translation eng gold general (shogi) Translation eng testicles Translation eng karat Translation eng carat Translation eng {Chem.} Gold Translation ger (Zeichen: Au für lat. Aurum) Translation ger Metall Translation ger Geld Translation ger {Shôgi} Kin-Stein Translation ger viertes der fünf Elemente Translation ger Freitag Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger général d'or (du jeu d'échec japonais le shogi, abréviation) Translation fre or Translation fre золото Translation rus
金玉 Crossref 金将 Crossref 金曜 Crossref 五行 Crossref

金具 Word
かなぐ Reading
metal fittings or fixtures Translation eng Beschlag Translation ger Metallbeschlag Translation ger Skibindung Translation ger armature Translation fre ferrures Translation fre

金型 Word
かながた Reading
metal pattern Translation eng die Translation eng (metal) mold Translation eng

金属 Word
きんぞく Reading
metal Translation eng Metall Translation ger métal Translation fre метал Translation rus

金属探知機 Word
きんぞくたんちき Reading
metal detector Translation eng Metalldetektor Translation ger

金物 Word
かなもの Reading
metal utensil Translation eng ironware Translation eng metal fittings Translation eng hardware Translation eng Eisenwaren Translation ger

座金 Word
ざがね Reading
metal washer Translation eng Metallunterlegscheibe Translation ger

鍛工 Word
たんこう Reading
metal worker Translation eng Schmied Translation ger Metallarbeiter Translation ger Schmieden Translation ger forgeron Translation fre

鋳工 Word
ちゅうこう Reading
metal caster Translation eng

彫金 Word
ちょうきん Reading
metal carving Translation eng engraving Translation eng Ziselieren Translation ger Gravieren Translation ger (in Metall) Translation ger Ziselierarbeit Translation ger Goldschmiedearbeit Translation ger ciselure Translation fre gravure (du métal) Translation fre

板金 Word 鈑金 Word
ばんきん Reading いたがね Reading
sheet metal Translation eng metal plate Translation eng Blech Translation ger Metallplatte Translation ger

金石 Word
きんせき Reading
minerals and rocks Translation eng metal and stone utensils Translation eng epigraph Translation eng Metall und Gestein Translation ger Metall- und Steingerät Translation ger etw. Hartes Translation ger etw. Unveränderliches Translation ger

金杓子 Word
かなじゃくし Reading
metal ladle Translation eng

金棒 Word
かなぼう Reading
metal rod Translation eng Eisenstange Translation ger

金輪 Word
かなわ Reading
metal rings or hoops or bands Translation eng Metallring Translation ger Metallreif Translation ger

金盥 Word
かなだらい Reading
metal basin Translation eng Blechschüssel Translation ger Blechnapf Translation ger

金属疲労 Word
きんぞくひろう Reading
metal fatigue Translation eng Metallermüdung Translation ger

メタスラ Reading
Metal Slug (game) Translation eng

金串 Word
かなぐし Reading
metal spit or skewer Translation eng

金壺 Word
かなつぼ Reading
metal jar or pot Translation eng

メタルハイドライト Reading
metal halide Translation eng MH Translation eng type of high intensity discharge (HID) light bulb Translation eng

メタルフォーム Reading
metal form Translation eng

メタルラス Reading
metal lath Translation eng

含金 Traditional 含金 Simplified
han2 jin1 Pinyin
metal bearing (ore) English gold bearing English

探傷 Traditional 探伤 Simplified
tan4 shang1 Pinyin
to inspect for damage English flaw detection English metal crack detection English

探傷器 Traditional 探伤器 Simplified
tan4 shang1 qi4 Pinyin
metal crack detector English

毛口 Traditional 毛口 Simplified
mao2 kou3 Pinyin
metal filings (e.g. from a drill or lathe) English burr English

Traditional Simplified
bo2 Pinyin
bamboo screen English door screen English metal foil English leaf English sheet English tinsel English

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