Character great current, flood, flowing water Definition
MIAN4 Pinyin min5 min6 Jyutping

MIAN4 Pinyin Hangul MYEN Korean à miến Viet

Character face; surface; plane; side, dimension Definition
MIAN4 Pinyin min6 Jyutping MEN BEN On OMO OMOTE TSURA Kun Hangul MYEN Korean *miɛ̀n Tang
U+9EB5 Traditional


Character flour, dough, noodles Definition
MIAN4 Pinyin min6 Jyutping BEN MEN On MUGIKO Kun Hangul MYEN Korean
U+9762 Simplified U+9EBA Variant

Character flour, dough, noodles Definition
MIAN4 Pinyin MEN On MUGIKO Kun MYEN Korean miến Viet
U+9EB5 Variant

Traditional Simplified
mian4 Pinyin
to look askance at English

眄眄 Traditional 眄眄 Simplified
mian4 mian4 Pinyin
dull-looking English looking askance English

眄睞 Traditional 眄睐 Simplified
mian4 lai4 Pinyin
to cast loving glances English

眄睨 Traditional 眄睨 Simplified
mian4 ni4 Pinyin
to look askance English

眄視 Traditional 眄视 Simplified
mian4 shi4 Pinyin
to give a sidelong glance English

Traditional Simplified
mian4 Pinyin
fade English side English surface English aspect English top English face English classifier for flat surfaces such as drums, mirrors, flags etc English

面交 Traditional 面交 Simplified
mian4 jiao1 Pinyin
to deliver personally English to hand over face-to-face English

面值 Traditional 面值 Simplified
mian4 zhi2 Pinyin
face value English par value English

面兒 Traditional 面儿 Simplified
mian4 r5 Pinyin
cover English outside English

面具 Traditional 面具 Simplified
mian4 ju4 Pinyin
mask English

面前 Traditional 面前 Simplified
mian4 qian2 Pinyin
in front of English facing English presence English

面友 Traditional 面友 Simplified
mian4 you3 Pinyin
to put on a friendly face English

面嚮 Traditional 面向 Simplified
mian4 xiang4 Pinyin
to face English to turn towards English to incline to English geared towards English catering for English -oriented English facial feature English appearance English aspect English facet English

面型 Traditional 面型 Simplified
mian4 xing2 Pinyin
shape of face English

面子 Traditional 面子 Simplified
mian4 zi5 Pinyin
outer surface English outside English honor English reputation English face (as in "losing face") English self-respect English feelings English (medicinal) powder English

面孔 Traditional 面孔 Simplified
mian4 kong3 Pinyin
face English

面容 Traditional 面容 Simplified
mian4 rong2 Pinyin
appearance English facial features English

面對 Traditional 面对 Simplified
mian4 dui4 Pinyin
to confront English to face English

面對面 Traditional 面对面 Simplified
mian4 dui4 mian4 Pinyin
face to face English

面巾 Traditional 面巾 Simplified
mian4 jin1 Pinyin
face flannel or towel English shroud (over the face of a corpse) English

面市 Traditional 面市 Simplified
mian4 shi4 Pinyin
to hit the market (of a new product) English

面帶 Traditional 面带 Simplified
mian4 dai4 Pinyin
to wear (on one's face) English

面帶病容 Traditional 面带病容 Simplified
mian4 dai4 bing4 rong2 Pinyin
to look unwell English

面形 Traditional 面形 Simplified
mian4 xing2 Pinyin
shape of face English

面影 Traditional 面影 Simplified
mian4 ying3 Pinyin
face (esp. remembered) English mental image of sb English

面授 Traditional 面授 Simplified
mian4 shou4 Pinyin
to teach face to face English to instruct in person English

面敘 Traditional 面叙 Simplified
mian4 xu4 Pinyin
to talk face-to-face English

面料 Traditional 面料 Simplified
mian4 liao4 Pinyin
material for making clothes English

面晤 Traditional 面晤 Simplified
mian4 wu4 Pinyin
to interview English to meet English

面有菜色 Traditional 面有菜色 Simplified
mian4 you3 cai4 se4 Pinyin
to look famished English

面熟 Traditional 面熟 Simplified
mian4 shu2 Pinyin
to look familiar English familiar-looking English

面目 Traditional 面目 Simplified
mian4 mu4 Pinyin
appearance English facial features English look English

面相 Traditional 面相 Simplified
mian4 xiang4 Pinyin
facial features English appearence English physiognomy English

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