かび Reading カビ Reading
mold Translation eng mould Translation eng mildew Translation eng {Mikrobiol.} Schimmel Translation ger moisissure Translation fre

防カビ Word 防黴 Word
ぼうカビ Reading ぼうかび Reading ぼうばい Reading
mold prevention Translation eng mildew prevention Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
mao2 Pinyin
hair English feather English down English wool English mildew English mold English coarse or semifinished English young English raw English careless English unthinking English nervous English scared English (of currency) to devalue or depreciate English classifier for Chinese fractional monetary unit ( = |[jiao3] , = 1 English 10 yuan or 10 fen |[fen1]) English

霉病 Traditional 霉病 Simplified
mei2 bing4 Pinyin
mildew English fungal growth English

黴菌 Traditional 霉菌 Simplified
mei2 jun1 Pinyin
mold English mildew English fungus English fungi English fungal English mycete English something harmful English

mei2 Reading Pinyin バイ Reading On Reading On マイ Reading On Reading On かび Reading Kun かび. Reading Kun .びる Reading Kun mi Reading Korean Reading Korean
mold Meaning mildew Meaning

mei2 Reading Pinyin バイ Reading On Reading On つゆ Reading Kun しめり Reading Kun しみ Reading Kun mae Reading Korean
mildew Meaning mold Meaning moldy Meaning mildewed Meaning

Character mildew, mold; moldy, mildewed Definition
MEI2 Pinyin mui4 Jyutping BAI ME On TSUYU SHIMERI SHIMI Kun Hangul MAY Korean

防カビ剤 Word 防黴剤 Word
ぼうカビざい Reading ぼうかびざい Reading ぼうばいざい Reading
anti-mold agent Translation eng mildew-proofing agent Translation eng

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