Word Word
こく Reading
archaic period of time (usu. a period of approx. two hours corresponding to one of the signs of the Chinese zodiac) Translation eng carving Translation eng engraving Translation eng cutting Translation eng mincing Translation eng victory Translation eng strictness Translation eng cruelty Translation eng Koku Translation ger (alte Zeiteinheit Translation ger zwölf Einheiten über den Tag verteilt und den zwölf Tierkreiszeichen zugeordnet) Translation ger

刻み足 Word 刻足 Word
きざみあし Reading
mincing steps Translation eng trippelnde Schritte Translation ger

小足 Word
こあし Reading
mincing steps Translation eng

小刻み Word
こきざみ Reading
mincing Translation eng bit by bit Translation eng feines Zerschneiden Translation ger feines Zerschnitzeln Translation ger Metapher für etw., das nur in kleinen Schritten vorwärts geht Translation ger

扭捏 Traditional 扭捏 Simplified
niu3 nie5 Pinyin
affecting shyness or embarrassment English coy English mincing (walk, manner of speech) English mannered English

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