ぞく Reading
mark in dictionary indicating slang Translation eng customs Translation eng manners Translation eng the world Translation eng worldliness Translation eng vulgarity Translation eng mundane things Translation eng the laity Translation eng gewöhnlich Translation ger üblich Translation ger weltlich Translation ger vulgär Translation ger

有り触れた Word 有りふれた Word あり触れた Word
ありふれた Reading
unsurprising Translation eng trite Translation eng commonplace Translation eng mundane Translation eng hackneyed Translation eng alltäglich Translation ger geläufig Translation ger gängig Translation ger abgedroschen Translation ger allgemein gebräuchlich Translation ger banal Translation fre commun Translation fre

紅塵 Word
こうじん Reading
cloud of dust Translation eng mundane world Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
fan2 Pinyin
ordinary English commonplace English mundane English temporal English of the material world (as opposed to supernatural or immortal levels) English every English all English whatever English altogether English gist English outline English note of Chinese musical scale English

凡塵 Traditional 凡尘 Simplified
fan2 chen2 Pinyin
mundane world (in religious context) English this mortal coil English

su2 Reading Pinyin ゾク Reading On sog Reading Korean Reading Korean
vulgar Meaning customs Meaning manners Meaning worldliness Meaning mundane things Meaning vulgaire Meaning fr coutumes Meaning fr manières Meaning fr temporel Meaning fr séculier Meaning fr vulgar Meaning es ordinario Meaning es costumbres Meaning es modales Meaning es maneras Meaning es vulgar Meaning pt costumes Meaning pt maneiras Meaning pt coisas do mundanas Meaning pt

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