Character mythical emperor; to inform quickly; an urgent communication Definition
KU4 Pinyin guk1 Jyutping KOKU On TSUGERU Kun Hangul KO Korean
U+55BE Simplified

Character mythical giant tree Definition
XUN2 XIN2 Pinyin
U+6A33 Variant

Character mythical dolphin-like fish Definition

檀君 Word
だんくん Reading
mythical founder of Korea Translation eng

コロポックル Reading
mythical Ainu dwarf god Translation eng Source Language ain

猫股 Word 猫又 Word
ねこまた Reading
mythical two-tailed monster cat Translation eng

のっぺらぼう Reading
smooth Translation eng flat Translation eng lacking bumps and dents Translation eng featureless Translation eng uneventful Translation eng mythical being with flat featureless face Translation eng

ダイダラボッチ Reading
mythical giant Translation eng

槌の子 Word
つちのこ Reading ツチノコ Reading
mythical snake-like creature Translation eng tsuchinoko Translation eng

怪獸 Traditional 怪兽 Simplified
guai4 shou4 Pinyin
rare animal English mythical animal English

情急了 Traditional 情急了 Simplified
qing2 ji2 liao3 Pinyin
mythical talking bird English mynah bird English

Traditional Simplified
jia1 Pinyin
, boar Variant
mythical ape English male pig English

秦吉了 Traditional 秦吉了 Simplified
qin2 ji2 liao3 Pinyin
mythical talking bird English mynah bird English

Traditional Simplified
jing1 Pinyin
essence English extract English vitality English energy English semen English sperm English mythical goblin spirit English highly perfected English elite English the pick of sth English proficient (refined ability) English extremely (fine) English selected rice (archaic) English

Traditional Simplified
hui3 Pinyin
mythical venomous snake English

Traditional Simplified
yu4 Pinyin
mythical creature English toad English worm English

Traditional Simplified
luan2 Pinyin
mythical bird related to phoenix English

Traditional Simplified
qi2 Pinyin
mythical male unicorn English see 麒麟 English

ku4 Reading Pinyin コク Reading On .げる Reading Kun gog Reading Korean
mythical emperor Meaning to inform quickly Meaning an urgent communication Meaning

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