chan3 Reading Pinyin サン Reading On . Reading Kun .まれる Reading Kun うぶ- Reading Kun . Reading Kun もと Nanori san Reading Korean Reading Korean
products Meaning bear Meaning give birth Meaning yield Meaning childbirth Meaning native Meaning property Meaning production Meaning fr porter (fruits) Meaning fr donner naissance Meaning fr produire Meaning fr natal Meaning fr propriété Meaning fr producto Meaning es producir Meaning es propiedad Meaning es dar a luz Meaning es nacer Meaning es produtos Meaning pt dar a luz Meaning pt nascer Meaning pt dar crias Meaning pt nascimento Meaning pt nativo Meaning pt bens Meaning pt

dan4 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On tan Reading Korean Reading Korean
nativity Meaning be born Meaning declension Meaning lie Meaning be arbitrary Meaning nativité Meaning fr être Meaning fr déclinaison Meaning fr exagération Meaning fr être arbitraire Meaning fr natividad Meaning es nacimiento Meaning es nacer Meaning es natividade Meaning pt nascer Meaning pt decadência Meaning pt mentira Meaning pt ser arbitrário Meaning pt

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