Word Word
nest Translation eng rookery Translation eng breeding place Translation eng hive Translation eng (spider's) web Translation eng den Translation eng haunt Translation eng Nest Translation ger Bienenkorb Translation ger Wespennest Translation ger Horst Translation ger Bau Translation ger Höhle Translation ger Schlupfwinkel Translation ger Räubernest Translation ger Räuberhöhle Translation ger antre Translation fre caverne Translation fre nid Translation fre repaire Translation fre ruche Translation fre toile (d'une araignée) Translation fre
蜘蛛の巣 Crossref

chao2 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On Reading Kun .くう Reading Kun so Reading Korean Reading Korean
nest Meaning rookery Meaning hive Meaning cobweb Meaning den Meaning nid Meaning fr colonie (fous) Meaning fr ruche Meaning fr toile (araignée) Meaning fr antre Meaning fr nido Meaning es colmena Meaning es guarida Meaning es ninho Meaning pt viveiro Meaning pt colméia Meaning pt teia Meaning pt escondrijo Meaning pt

荷駄 Word
にだ Reading
pack Translation eng horseload Translation eng Pferdelast Translation ger

ニダ Reading Nida Romaji

仁田 Word
にだ Reading Nida Romaji

丹田 Word
にだ Reading Nida Romaji

二田 Word
にだ Reading Nida Romaji

荷台 Word
にだい Reading
(truck) load-carrying tray Translation eng (bicycle) luggage carrier Translation eng roof rack Translation eng Ladefläche Translation ger (eines Lastwagens) Translation ger Gepäckträger Translation ger (eines Fahrrades o.Ä.) Translation ger

二代 Word
にだい Reading Nidai Romaji

二大 Word
にだい Reading Nidai Romaji

二代淵 Word
にだいふち Reading Nidaifuchi Romaji

二代木 Word
にだいぎ Reading Nidaigi Romaji

仁平 Word
にだいら Reading Nidaira Romaji

荷高 Word
にだか Reading Nidaka Romaji

二段 Word
にだん Reading Nidan Romaji

二段ベッド Word
にだんベッド Reading
bunk beds Translation eng double bunk Translation eng Doppelstockbett Translation ger

二段滝 Word
にだんだき Reading Nidandaki Romaji

二段見出し Word
にだんみだし Reading
two-line heading Translation eng zweizeilige Überschrift Translation ger

泥刀 Traditional 泥刀 Simplified
ni2 dao1 Pinyin
trowel English

ニダ沢 Word
にださわ Reading Nidasawa Romaji

煮出し汁 Word
にだしじる Reading
(soup) stock Translation eng broth Translation eng {Kochk.} Brühe Translation ger Absud Translation ger Bouillon Translation ger

仁田代 Word
にだしろ Reading Nidashiro Romaji

煮出す Word
にだす Reading
to boil down Translation eng to extract Translation eng auskochen Translation ger

仁田脇 Word
にだわき Reading Nidawaki Romaji

仁田原 Word
にだわら Reading Nidawara Romaji

荷出 Word
にで Reading Nide Romaji

仁手 Word
にで Reading Nide Romaji

你的 Traditional 你的 Simplified
ni3 de5 Pinyin
your English yours English

你的 Traditional 你的 Simplified
ni3 de5 Pinyin
dein, deine Deutsch deines Deutsch deinem Deutsch deiner Deutsch

你的東西 Traditional 你的东西 Simplified
ni3 de5 dong1 xi5 Pinyin
dein (u.E.) Deutsch

ニデール Reading Niderst Romaji

二出川 Word
にでがわ Reading Nidegawa Romaji

尼德蘭 Traditional 尼德兰 Simplified
Ni2 de2 lan2 Pinyin
the Netherlands English

你等 Traditional 你等 Simplified
ni3 deng3 Pinyin
you all (archaic) English see also 你們|你们[ni3 men5] English

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