yun2 Reading Pinyin ウン Reading On くも Reading Kun -ぐも Reading Kun Nanori ずも Nanori のめ Nanori un Reading Korean Reading Korean
cloud Meaning nuage Meaning fr nube Meaning es nuvem Meaning pt

ノーム Reading Nome Romaji Noam Romaji

hao4 Reading Pinyin hao2 Reading Pinyin ゴウ Reading On さけ. Reading Kun よびな Reading Kun ho Reading Korean Reading Korean
nickname Meaning number Meaning item Meaning title Meaning pseudonym Meaning name Meaning call Meaning surnom Meaning fr numéro Meaning fr article Meaning fr titre Meaning fr pseudonyme Meaning fr nom Meaning fr appel Meaning fr número Meaning es apelido Meaning pt número Meaning pt item Meaning pt título Meaning pt pseudonimo Meaning pt nome Meaning pt chamada Meaning pt

shi4 Reading Pinyin zhi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On うじ Reading Kun -うじ Reading Kun ssi Reading Korean ji Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
family name Meaning surname Meaning clan Meaning nom de famille Meaning fr nom Meaning fr clan Meaning fr Monsieur Meaning fr apellido Meaning es clan Meaning es señor Meaning es nome de família Meaning pt sobrenome Meaning pt clã Meaning pt

cheng1 Reading Pinyin chen4 Reading Pinyin cheng4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On たた.える Reading Kun とな.える Reading Kun .げる Reading Kun かな. Reading Kun はか. Reading Kun はか. Reading Kun ほめ. Reading Kun Nanori ching Reading Korean Reading Korean
appellation Meaning praise Meaning admire Meaning name Meaning title Meaning fame Meaning appellation Meaning fr louanges Meaning fr admirer Meaning fr nom Meaning fr titre Meaning fr renommée Meaning fr llamar Meaning es nombrar Meaning es alabar Meaning es apelativo Meaning es nombre Meaning es apelação Meaning pt elogio Meaning pt admirar Meaning pt nome Meaning pt título Meaning pt fama Meaning pt

ming2 Reading Pinyin メイ Reading On ミョウ Reading On Reading Kun -な Reading Kun Nanori myeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
name Meaning noted Meaning distinguished Meaning reputation Meaning nom Meaning fr célèbre Meaning fr fameux Meaning fr réputation Meaning fr nombre Meaning es célebre Meaning es distinguido Meaning es reputación Meaning es nome Meaning pt fama Meaning pt distinção Meaning pt reputação Meaning pt

野目ヶ里 Word
のめがり Reading Nomegari Romaji

ノメイカ Reading Nomeika Romaji

のめのめ Reading
shamelessly Translation eng

のめる Reading
to fall forward Translation eng vornüberfallen Translation ger stolpern Translation ger

飲める Word
のめる Reading
to be able to drink Translation eng to be worth drinking Translation eng gut zu trinken sein Translation ger trinken Translation ger Trinker sein Translation ger

飲めや歌え Word
のめやうたえ Reading
revelry Translation eng Feiern Translation ger Trinken und Singen Translation ger Saufgelage Translation ger

ni3 Reading Pinyin Reading On まが. Reading Kun もど. Reading Kun eui Reading Korean Reading Korean
mimic Meaning aim (a gun) at Meaning nominate Meaning imitate Meaning imitation Meaning fr pointer une arme Meaning fr nommer Meaning fr comparer Meaning fr imitar Meaning es comparar Meaning es parecerse Meaning es suponer Meaning es imitar Meaning pt alvo (uma arma) Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt imita Meaning pt

jue2 Reading Pinyin ケツ Reading On .める Reading Kun -ぎ. Reading Kun .まる Reading Kun . Reading Kun gyeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
decide Meaning fix Meaning agree upon Meaning appoint Meaning décider Meaning fr fixer Meaning fr se mettre d'accord Meaning fr arrangement Meaning fr decidir Meaning es fijar Meaning es quedar decidido Meaning es decida Meaning pt fixar Meaning pt concordar sobre Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt

ren4 Reading Pinyin ren2 Reading Pinyin ニン Reading On まか.せる Reading Kun まか. Reading Kun Nanori とう Nanori ひで Nanori im Reading Korean Reading Korean
responsibility Meaning duty Meaning term Meaning entrust to Meaning appoint Meaning responsabilité Meaning fr devoir Meaning fr terme Meaning fr confier à Meaning fr nommer Meaning fr responsabilidad Meaning es deber Meaning es confiar a Meaning es dejar a cargo de Meaning es responsabilidade Meaning pt dever Meaning pt termo Meaning pt confiar para Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt

名詞 Traditional 名词 Simplified
ming2 ci2 Pinyin
Nomen (u.E.) (S, Sprachw) Deutsch Substantiv (u.E.) (S, Sprachw) Deutsch

命名法 Word
めいめいほう Reading
nomenclature Translation eng Nomenklatur Translation ger Benennungssystem Translation ger

名称集 Word
めいしょうしゅう Reading
nomenclature Translation eng

命名法 Traditional 命名法 Simplified
ming4 ming2 fa3 Pinyin
nomenclature English

ノーメンクラツーラ Reading
nomenklatura Translation eng Source Language rus

諾美克斯 Traditional 诺美克斯 Simplified
Nuo4 mei3 ke4 si1 Pinyin
Nomex (brand) English

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