ni3 Reading Pinyin Reading On まが. Reading Kun もど. Reading Kun eui Reading Korean Reading Korean
mimic Meaning aim (a gun) at Meaning nominate Meaning imitate Meaning imitation Meaning fr pointer une arme Meaning fr nommer Meaning fr comparer Meaning fr imitar Meaning es comparar Meaning es parecerse Meaning es suponer Meaning es imitar Meaning pt alvo (uma arma) Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt imita Meaning pt

jue2 Reading Pinyin ケツ Reading On .める Reading Kun -ぎ. Reading Kun .まる Reading Kun . Reading Kun gyeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
decide Meaning fix Meaning agree upon Meaning appoint Meaning décider Meaning fr fixer Meaning fr se mettre d'accord Meaning fr arrangement Meaning fr decidir Meaning es fijar Meaning es quedar decidido Meaning es decida Meaning pt fixar Meaning pt concordar sobre Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt

ren4 Reading Pinyin ren2 Reading Pinyin ニン Reading On まか.せる Reading Kun まか. Reading Kun Nanori とう Nanori ひで Nanori im Reading Korean Reading Korean
responsibility Meaning duty Meaning term Meaning entrust to Meaning appoint Meaning responsabilité Meaning fr devoir Meaning fr terme Meaning fr confier à Meaning fr nommer Meaning fr responsabilidad Meaning es deber Meaning es confiar a Meaning es dejar a cargo de Meaning es responsabilidade Meaning pt dever Meaning pt termo Meaning pt confiar para Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt

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