wei3 Reading Pinyin Reading On えら. Reading Kun ひで Nanori wi Reading Korean Reading Korean
admirable Meaning greatness Meaning remarkable Meaning conceited Meaning famous Meaning excellent Meaning admirable Meaning fr grandeur Meaning fr remarquable Meaning fr vaniteux Meaning fr célèbre Meaning fr excellent Meaning fr admirable Meaning es notable Meaning es excelente Meaning es admirável Meaning pt grandeza Meaning pt notável Meaning pt conceituado Meaning pt excelente Meaning pt famoso Meaning pt

zhu4 Reading Pinyin zhe5 Reading Pinyin zhao1 Reading Pinyin zhao2 Reading Pinyin zhu3 Reading Pinyin zi1 Reading Pinyin チョ Reading On チャク Reading On あらわ. Reading Kun いちじる.しい Reading Kun jeo Reading Korean chag Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
renowned Meaning publish Meaning write Meaning remarkable Meaning phenomenal Meaning put on Meaning don Meaning wear Meaning arrival Meaning finish (race) Meaning counter for suits of clothing Meaning literary work Meaning renommé Meaning fr publier Meaning fr écrire Meaning fr remarquable Meaning fr phénoménal Meaning fr porter Meaning fr arrivée Meaning fr auteur Meaning fr ouvrage littéraire Meaning fr compteur de vêtements Meaning fr expresar Meaning es publicar Meaning es escribir Meaning es notable Meaning es eminente Meaning es renomado Meaning pt publico Meaning pt notável Meaning pt fenomenal Meaning pt vestido Meaning pt vestir Meaning pt usar Meaning pt elevado chegada/ fim (corrida) Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de vestuário Meaning pt

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