うえ Reading
above Translation eng up Translation eng over Translation eng top Translation eng summit Translation eng surface Translation eng on Translation eng before Translation eng previous Translation eng superiority Translation eng one's superior (i.e. one's elder) Translation eng on top of that Translation eng besides Translation eng what's more Translation eng upon (further inspection, etc.) Translation eng based on (and occurring after) Translation eng matters concerning... Translation eng as concerns ... Translation eng since (i.e. "for that reason") Translation eng suffix indicating higher social standing Translation eng place of one's superior (i.e. the throne) Translation eng emperor Translation eng sovereign Translation eng shogun Translation eng daimyo Translation eng noblewoman (esp. the wife of a nobleman) Translation eng oben Translation ger auf Translation ger über Translation ger höhere Position Translation ger höherer Rang Translation ger oberer Teil Translation ger Spitze Translation ger Oberseite Translation ger obere Seite Translation ger Oberfläche Translation ger Gipfel Translation ger Kopf Translation ger außerdem Translation ger auch noch Translation ger darüber hinaus Translation ger au-dessus Translation fre autorité supérieure Translation fre dessus Translation fre supérieur Translation fre sur Translation fre вверху́ Translation rus наверху́ Translation rus све́рху Translation rus на Translation rus над Translation rus находя́щийся наверху́ Translation rus ве́рхний Translation rus вы́сший Translation rus лу́чший Translation rus ста́рший Translation rus
父上 Crossref

かみ Reading
upper reaches (of a river) Translation eng upper stream Translation eng top Translation eng upper part Translation eng upper half (of the body) Translation eng long ago Translation eng beginning Translation eng first Translation eng imperial capital (i.e. Kyoto) Translation eng capital region (i.e. Kansai) Translation eng region (or direction of) the imperial palace Translation eng head (of a table) Translation eng wife Translation eng mistress (of a restaurant) Translation eng person of high rank (e.g. the emperor) Translation eng government Translation eng imperial court Translation eng der obere Teil Translation ger Obere Translation ger Oben Translation ger Oberlauf Translation ger Obrigkeit Translation ger Regierung Translation ger Behörde Translation ger amont (rivière) Translation fre partie supérieure Translation fre (1) верх Translation rus ве́рхняя часть Translation rus (2) верхи́ Translation rus вла́сти Translation rus
御上 Crossref 上方 Crossref

上級 Word
じょうきゅう Reading
advanced level Translation eng high grade Translation eng senior Translation eng höherer Rang Translation ger Oberklasse Translation ger obere Klasse Translation ger niveau avancé Translation fre niveau supérieur Translation fre (1) вы́сший разря́д Translation rus (2) ста́рший класс (в школе) Translation rus

上限 Word
じょうげん Reading
upper limit Translation eng maximum Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Maximum Translation ger obere Grenze Translation ger

上肢 Word
じょうし Reading
upper limbs Translation eng arms Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger obere Gliedmaßen Translation ger Arme Translation ger membre supérieur Translation fre

上澄み Word
うわずみ Reading
the clear top of a liquid Translation eng überstehende Flüssigkeit Translation ger obere Schicht Translation ger

上積み Word
うわづみ Reading
deck cargo Translation eng upper layer of goods Translation eng extra Translation eng to pile on top of Translation eng obere Ladung Translation ger Draufgabe Translation ger

上層 Word
じょうそう Reading
upper stratum (classes, stories, storeys) Translation eng (schriftspr.) obere Schicht Translation ger oberer Teil Translation ger Oberschicht Translation ger obere Stockwerke Translation ger couche sociale supérieure Translation fre hautes sphères Translation fre

上層雲 Word
じょうそううん Reading
upper clouds Translation eng obere Wolken Translation ger

上段 Word
じょうだん Reading
dais Translation eng raised part of floor Translation eng place of honor Translation eng place of honour Translation eng upper tier (row, step, grade, column of print, berth) Translation eng obere Stufe Translation ger oberes Brett Translation ger (eines Regals) Translation ger oberes Bett Translation ger (eines Stockbettes) Translation ger Haltung des Schwertes im oberen Bereich Translation ger erhöhter Teil eines Fußbodens Translation ger Ehrenplatz Translation ger

上半 Word
じょうはん Reading
first half Translation eng upper half Translation eng obere Hälfte Translation ger

上半身 Word
じょうはんしん Reading
upper half of body Translation eng bust Translation eng Oberkörper Translation ger obere Körperhälfte Translation ger Brustbild Translation ger buste Translation fre torse Translation fre

上部 Word
じょうぶ Reading
top part Translation eng surface Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger oberer Teil Translation ger Obere Translation ger Oberteil Translation ger Oberfläche Translation ger

上欄 Word
じょうらん Reading
top or preceding horizontal column Translation eng obere Spalte Translation ger oberste Spalte Translation ger

高限 Traditional 高限 Simplified
gao1 xian4 Pinyin
obere Grenze (u.E.) Deutsch

上檔 Traditional 上档 Simplified
shang4 dang3 Pinyin
obere Umschaltung (u.E.) Deutsch

上甲 Traditional 上甲 Simplified
shang4 jia3 Pinyin
obere Grenze (u.E.) Deutsch

上界 Traditional 上界 Simplified
shang4 jie4 Pinyin
obere Grenze, Himmel (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

上肢 Traditional 上肢 Simplified
shang4 zhi1 Pinyin
Obere Extremität (u.E.) Deutsch

オーベライト Reading Obereit Romaji

権威筋 Word
けんいすじ Reading
authoritative sources Translation eng Autoritäten Translation ger Oberen Translation ger Machthaber Translation ger

住職 Word
じゅうしょく Reading
chief priest (of a Buddhist temple) Translation eng Hauptpriester eines Tempels Translation ger Abt Translation ger Oberer Translation ger Superior Translation ger Vorgesetzter Translation ger

住僧 Word
じゅうそう Reading
chief priest (of a Buddhist temple) Translation eng {Buddh.} Hauptpriester Translation ger Abt Translation ger Oberer Translation ger

上官 Word
じょうかん Reading
superior officer Translation eng Vorgesetzter Translation ger Chef Translation ger Oberer Translation ger Prinzipal Translation ger Vorsteher Translation ger

上前 Word
うわまえ Reading
part of the fabric that is wrapped farthest from the skin when wearing a garment that is wrapped in front of one (such as a kimono) Translation eng percentage Translation eng commission Translation eng {Kleidung} Vorderseite Translation ger oberer Saum Translation ger Anteil Translation ger Prozente Translation ger
上米 Crossref 下前 Crossref

上端 Word
じょうたん Reading
upper end Translation eng top Translation eng tip Translation eng top edge Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger oberes Ende Translation ger oberer Rand Translation ger Spitze Translation ger

上手 Word
うわて Reading かみて Reading
upper part Translation eng upper stream Translation eng upper course of a river Translation eng right side of the stage (audience's or camera's POV) Translation eng stage left (actor's POV) Translation eng skillful (only in comparisons) Translation eng dexterity (only in comparisons) Translation eng over-arm grip on opponent's belt (sumo) Translation eng oberer Teil Translation ger rechte Seite der Bühne Translation ger (vom Publikum aus gesehen) Translation ger der besser Geübte Translation ger Überlegenheit Translation ger {Go, Shôgi} überlegener Spieler Translation ger mit Handicap spielender Spieler Translation ger (1) ве́рхняя часть Translation rus (2) ве́рхнее тече́ние Translation rus (3) наве́тренная сторона́ Translation rus (4) лу́чший Translation rus вы́сший Translation rus

優越 Traditional 优越 Simplified
you1 yue4 Pinyin
Aufstieg (u.E.) (S) Deutsch oberer, übergeordnet (u.E.) (S) Deutsch vorteilhaft (u.E.) Deutsch

上層階 Word
じょうそうかい Reading
upper floor (of a building) Translation eng oberes Stockwerk Translation ger

上瞼 Word
うわまぶた Reading
upper eyelid Translation eng oberes Augenlid Translation ger

滝口 Word
たきぐち Reading
top of a waterfall Translation eng oberes Ende eines Wasserfalls Translation ger Beginn eines Wasserfalls Translation ger haut de cascade Translation fre

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