you3 Reading Pinyin you4 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On Reading On . Reading Kun Nanori あら Nanori あり Nanori ある Nanori くに Nanori なお Nanori Nanori yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
possess Meaning have Meaning exist Meaning happen Meaning occur Meaning approx Meaning posséder Meaning fr avoir Meaning fr être Meaning fr arriver (se passer) Meaning fr existir Meaning es poseer Meaning es tener Meaning es ser Meaning es possuir Meaning pt ter Meaning pt existir Meaning pt acontecer Meaning pt ocorrer Meaning pt aproximadamente Meaning pt haver Meaning pt

出来 Word
しゅったい Reading
occurrence Translation eng happening Translation eng taking place Translation eng Vollendung Translation ger (f) Translation ger Fertigstellung Translation ger (f) Translation ger

突発 Word
とっぱつ Reading
outbreak Translation eng occurrence Translation eng Ausbruch Translation ger

発生 Word
はっせい Reading
outbreak Translation eng spring forth Translation eng occurrence Translation eng incidence Translation eng origin Translation eng ontogeny Translation eng development of complex multicellular structures from cell(s) in a simple state Translation eng Entstehung Translation ger Ausbruch Translation ger Erscheinung Translation ger Vorkommen Translation ger Entwicklung Translation ger Erzeugung Translation ger Wachsen Translation ger apparition Translation fre génération Translation fre naissance Translation fre apparaître Translation fre arriver Translation fre naître Translation fre se produire Translation fre зарождение Translation rus возникновение Translation rus
個体発生 Crossref

生起 Word
せいき Reading
take place Translation eng occurrence Translation eng happen Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Ereignis Translation ger Begebenheit Translation ger Entstehen Translation ger

病例 Traditional 病例 Simplified
bing4 li4 Pinyin
(medical) case English occurrence of illness English

du4 Reading Pinyin duo2 Reading Pinyin duo4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On タク Reading On たび Reading Kun -た. Reading Kun のり Nanori do Reading Korean tag Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
degrees Meaning occurrence Meaning time Meaning counter for occurrences Meaning degré Meaning fr occurrence Meaning fr fois Meaning fr compteur d'occurrences Meaning fr grado Meaning es vez Meaning es veces Meaning es graus Meaning pt ocorrência Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para ocorrências Meaning pt

続発 Word
ぞくはつ Reading
coming about Translation eng happening Translation eng occurring Translation eng successive occurrence Translation eng aufeinander folgendes Auftreten Translation ger

併起 Word
へいき Reading
occurring simultaneously Translation eng

並行 Word 平行 Word
へいこう Reading
(going) side by side Translation eng concurrent Translation eng abreast Translation eng at the same time Translation eng occurring together Translation eng parallel Translation eng parallelism Translation eng Parallelismus Translation ger Gleichlaufen Translation ger en parallèle Translation fre même direction Translation fre simultanéité Translation fre

連続 Word
れんぞく Reading
serial Translation eng consecutive Translation eng continuity Translation eng occurring in succession Translation eng continuing Translation eng Fortsetzung Translation ger Aufeinanderfolge Translation ger Fortdauer Translation ger Serie Translation ger Kontinuität Translation ger à la chaîne Translation fre consécutif Translation fre successif Translation fre после́довательность Translation rus непреры́вность Translation rus продолже́ние Translation rus чередова́ние Translation rus

継起 Word
けいき Reading
occurring in succession Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger ständiges Geschehen Translation ger laufendes Passieren Translation ger anhaltendes Ereignen Translation ger

時起こる Word
ときおこる Reading
at the time of occurrence Translation eng occurring at the time Translation eng

交併 Traditional 交并 Simplified
jiao1 bing4 Pinyin
occurring simultaneously English

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