wei4 Reading Pinyin wei2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ため Reading Kun . Reading Kun . Reading Kun . Reading Kun たり Reading Kun つく. Reading Kun なり Reading Kun びい Nanori wi Reading Korean Reading Korean
do Meaning change Meaning make Meaning benefit Meaning welfare Meaning be of use Meaning reach to Meaning try Meaning practice Meaning cost Meaning serve as Meaning good Meaning advantage Meaning as a result of Meaning faire Meaning fr changer Meaning fr bénéfice Meaning fr bien-être Meaning fr être utile Meaning fr atteindre Meaning fr essayer Meaning fr s'entraîner Meaning fr coûter Meaning fr servir pour Meaning fr bon Meaning fr avantage Meaning fr par suite de Meaning fr hacer Meaning es ocurrir Meaning es razón Meaning es causa Meaning es mudança Meaning pt benefício Meaning pt bem-estar Meaning pt é de uso Meaning pt tentativa Meaning pt prática Meaning pt custo Meaning pt servir para Meaning pt bom Meaning pt vantagem Meaning pt como um resultado de Meaning pt

xing2 Reading Pinyin hang2 Reading Pinyin hang4 Reading Pinyin xing4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On ギョウ Reading On アン Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun -ゆ. Reading Kun -ゆき Reading Kun -い. Reading Kun -いき Reading Kun おこな. Reading Kun おこ.なう Reading Kun いく Nanori なみ Nanori なめ Nanori みち Nanori ゆき Nanori ゆく Nanori haeng Reading Korean hang Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
going Meaning journey Meaning aller Meaning fr voyage Meaning fr ir Meaning es fila Meaning es línea (texto) Meaning es ocurrencia Meaning es conducta Meaning es realizar Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es ocurrir Meaning es ir Meaning pt viagem Meaning pt viajar Meaning pt

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