Character offspring of a stallion and a she-mule Definition
JU4 Pinyin geoi6 Jyutping Hangul KE Korean

たね Reading
issue Translation eng offspring Translation eng paternal blood Translation eng

子孫 Word
しそん Reading
descendants Translation eng posterity Translation eng offspring Translation eng Nachkomme Translation ger Nachfahre Translation ger Nachkommenschaft Translation ger Abkömmlinge Translation ger Kindeskinder Translation ger Nachwelt Translation ger descendant Translation fre postérité Translation fre progéniture Translation fre пото́мок Translation rus

子代 Traditional 子代 Simplified
zi3 dai4 Pinyin
offspring English child's generation English

子孫 Traditional 子孙 Simplified
zi3 sun1 Pinyin
offspring English posterity English

Traditional Simplified
nu2 Pinyin
child English offspring English

Traditional Simplified
yin4 Pinyin
descendant English heir English offspring English posterity English to inherit English

裔胄 Traditional 裔胄 Simplified
yi4 zhou4 Pinyin
descendants English offspring English

yin4 Reading Pinyin イン Reading On たね Reading Kun つぎ Nanori つぐ Nanori かず Nanori yun Reading Korean Reading Korean
descendent Meaning issue Meaning offspring Meaning progenie Meaning es descendencia Meaning es

zi3 Reading Pinyin zai3 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading Kun .える Reading Kun ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
offspring Meaning

Character offspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch Definition
ZI3 ZI5 Pinyin zi2 Jyutping SHI SU On KO MI OTOKO Kun Hangul CA Korean *tziə̌ Tang Viet

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