ta1 Reading Pinyin Reading On ほか Reading Kun ta Reading Korean Reading Korean
other Meaning another Meaning the others Meaning autre Meaning fr un autre Meaning fr les autres Meaning fr otro Meaning es los demás Meaning es outro Meaning pt outrem Meaning pt os outros Meaning pt

ウートルモン Reading Outremont Romaji

越権 Word
えっけん Reading
going beyond authority Translation eng unauthorized Translation eng unauthorised Translation eng ultra vires Translation eng Anmaßung Translation ger Eigensinnigkeit Translation ger Überheblichkeit Translation ger Überschreitung der Kompetenz Translation ger Hinausgehen über jmds. Befugnisse Translation ger outrepasser (ses compétences Translation fre son autorité) Translation fre

ウトレー Reading Outrey Romaji

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