guo4 Reading Pinyin guo1 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ぎる Reading Kun -す.ぎる Reading Kun -す. Reading Kun .ごす Reading Kun あやま. Reading Kun あやま. Reading Kun .ぎる Reading Kun gwa Reading Korean Reading Korean
overdo Meaning exceed Meaning go beyond Meaning error Meaning passer Meaning fr dépasser Meaning fr excéder Meaning fr erreur Meaning fr pasar Meaning es extralimitarse Meaning es exceder Meaning es fallo Meaning es error Meaning es traspasar Meaning es fallar Meaning es sobrepujar Meaning pt exceder Meaning pt ir além de Meaning pt erro Meaning pt

悪乗り Word 悪のり Word
わるのり Reading
overdoing Translation eng Übertreibung Translation ger Zu-weit-Gehen Translation ger

無理 Word
むり Reading
unreasonable Translation eng impossible Translation eng overdoing Translation eng Unvernunft Translation ger Unfug Translation ger Unvernünftigkeit Translation ger Unbill Translation ger Unrecht Translation ger Zwang Translation ger Gewalt Translation ger Unmöglichkeit Translation ger déraisonnable Translation fre impossible Translation fre

物物しい Word 物々しい Word
ものものしい Reading
strict (e.g. security) Translation eng heavy (e.g. guard) Translation eng showy Translation eng pretentious Translation eng ostentatious Translation eng overdone Translation eng exaggerated Translation eng impressive Translation eng imposing Translation eng pompous Translation eng stately Translation eng solemn Translation eng theatralisch Translation ger überschwänglich Translation ger hochgespannt Translation ger übertrieben Translation ger weihevoll Translation ger

馬鹿慇懃 Word
ばかいんぎん Reading
overdone politeness Translation eng polite to a fault Translation eng feigned politeness Translation eng

過量 Word
かりょう Reading
overdose Translation eng overdosage Translation eng

過剰投与 Word
かじょうとうよ Reading
overdosage Translation eng {Med.} Überdosis Translation ger

過剰摂取 Word
かじょうせっしゅ Reading
overdose Translation eng excessive consumption Translation eng

服藥過量 Traditional 服药过量 Simplified
fu2 yao4 guo4 liang4 Pinyin
overdose of drugs English

過量 Traditional 过量 Simplified
guo4 liang4 Pinyin
excess English overdose English

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