Character ox shank, person's name Definition
KENG1 Pinyin hang1 Jyutping KOU KYOU KAN KEN On

牡牛 Word 雄牛 Word
おうし Reading
bull Translation eng ox Translation eng steer Translation eng {Zool.} Stier Translation ger Bulle Translation ger Ochse Translation ger

うし Reading ぎゅう Reading
cattle Translation eng cow Translation eng ox Translation eng oxen Translation eng beef Translation eng Chinese "Ox" constellation (one of the 28 mansions) Translation eng Rind Translation ger Kuh Translation ger Ochse Translation ger Stier Translation ger Kalb Translation ger bétail Translation fre bœuf Translation fre vache Translation fre бык Translation rus корова Translation rus
二十八宿 Crossref 牛肉 Crossref

牛車 Word
ぎゅうしゃ Reading ぎっしゃ Reading うしぐるま Reading
ox carriage (for Heian era nobles) Translation eng oxcart Translation eng Ochsenkarren Translation ger Ochsenwagen Translation ger (der Adligen in der Heian-Zeit) Translation ger

牛蠅 Word
うしばえ Reading ウシバエ Reading
ox warble fly (Hypoderma bovis) Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
bi4 Pinyin
ox yoke placed on the horns English

Traditional Simplified
niu2 Pinyin
ox English cow English bull English

牛舌 Traditional 牛舌 Simplified
niu2 she2 Pinyin
ox tongue English

牛頭 Traditional 牛头 Simplified
niu2 tou2 Pinyin
ox head English ox-head shaped wine vessel English

Traditional Simplified
run2 Pinyin
ox English

黃牛 Traditional 黄牛 Simplified
huang2 niu2 Pinyin
ox English cattle English scalper of tickets etc English to fail to show up English to break a promise English

cheng1 Reading Pinyin
ox Meaning cow Meaning cow radical (no. 93) Meaning

gu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On おうし Reading Kun go Reading Korean
cow Meaning bull Meaning ox Meaning

run1 Reading Pinyin ジュン Reading On ニン Reading On ゼン Reading On ネン Reading On
ox with yellow hair and a black head Meaning

惡唑啉 Traditional 恶唑啉 Simplified
e4 zuo4 lin2 Pinyin
oxacillin English

惡唑啉酮 Traditional 恶唑啉酮 Simplified
e4 zuo4 lin2 tong2 Pinyin
oxacillin English

Character oxalic (used in compounds) Definition

蓚酸 Word
しゅうさん Reading
oxalic acid Translation eng {Chem.} Oxalsäure Translation ger

草酸 Traditional 草酸 Simplified
cao3 suan1 Pinyin
oxalic acid C2H2O4 English

酢漿草 Word
かたばみ Reading
wood sorrel Translation eng oxalis Translation eng

草酸 Traditional 草酸 Simplified
cao3 suan1 Pinyin
Kleesäure (S, Chem) Deutsch Oxalsäure, Ethandisäure (S, Chem) Deutsch

噁嗪 Traditional 噁嗪 Simplified
e3 qin2 Pinyin
oxazine C4H5NO English

河跡湖 Word
かせきこ Reading
crescentic lake Translation eng oxbow lake Translation eng billabong Translation eng

三日月湖 Word
みかづきこ Reading
oxbow lake Translation eng billabong Translation eng

牛橋 Traditional 牛桥 Simplified
niu2 qiao2 Pinyin
Oxbridge English Cambridge and Oxford English

牛馬 Traditional 牛马 Simplified
niu2 ma3 Pinyin
oxen and horses English beasts of burden English

オクセンベリー Reading Oxenbury Romaji Oxsenbury Romaji

オクセナム Reading Oxenham Romaji

樂施會 Traditional 乐施会 Simplified
le4 shi1 hui4 Pinyin
Oxfam (Eig, Org) Deutsch

牛津 Traditional 牛津 Simplified
Niu2 jin1 Pinyin
Oxford (city in England) English

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