Character palm of hand, sole of foot, paw Definition
ZHANG3 Pinyin zoeng2 Jyutping SHOU On TANAGOKORO TSUKASADORU Kun Hangul CANG Korean *jiɑ̌ng Tang

Character palm Definition
LANG2 Pinyin long4 Jyutping ROU On

Character palm tree, coconut palm Definition
YE2 YE1 Pinyin je4 Jyutping YA On YASHI Kun Hangul YA Korean da Viet

Character palm tree Definition
ZONG1 Pinyin zung1 Jyutping SHU SOU On Hangul CONG Korean tzung Tang
U+68D5 Variant

Character palm Definition
LÜ2 Pinyin leoi4 Jyutping
U+6ADA Traditional

Character palm Definition
LÜ2 Pinyin leoi3 leoi4 Jyutping RYO RO On KARIN Kun Hangul LYE Korean liu Tang
U+6988 Simplified

パームボール Reading
palm ball Translation eng {Baseb.} Palm-Ball Translation ger (Wurfart) Translation ger

手掌 Word
しゅしょう Reading
palmar Translation eng palm Translation eng

手相 Word
てそう Reading
palm reading Translation eng Handlinien Translation ger

掌紋 Word
しょうもん Reading
palm print Translation eng

ひら Reading ヒラ Reading
something broad and flat Translation eng palm of the hand Translation eng low-ranking employee Translation eng freshman Translation eng novice Translation eng private Translation eng common Translation eng ordinary Translation eng Einfachheit Translation ger ordinaire Translation fre paume de la main Translation fre
平社員 Crossref

平手 Word
ひらて Reading
palm Translation eng open hand Translation eng equality Translation eng lack of handicap (e.g. in a game) Translation eng flache Hand Translation ger Handteller Translation ger Handfläche Translation ger {Shôgi} Spiel ohne Handikap Translation ger

椰子 Word
やし Reading
palm tree Translation eng {Bot.} Palme Translation ger Kokospalme Translation ger

手の内 Word
てのうち Reading
palm Translation eng skill Translation eng scope of one's power Translation eng one's intention Translation eng Absicht Translation ger Plan Translation ger Fähigkeit Translation ger Können Translation ger Einfluss Translation ger Macht Translation ger

手相見 Word
てそうみ Reading
palm reader Translation eng Handliniendeuter Translation ger Chiromant Translation ger

椰子の木 Word ヤシの木 Word
やしのき Reading ヤシのき Reading
palm tree Translation eng

栄光蘭 Word
えいこうらん Reading
Spanish dagger Translation eng palm lily Translation eng Yucca Gloriosa Translation eng

パームトップ Reading
palm top Translation eng

パームレスト Reading
palm rest Translation eng

パームオイル Reading
palm oil Translation eng

パルム Reading Palm Romaji

巴掌 Traditional 巴掌 Simplified
ba1 zhang3 Pinyin
palm English hand English

手掌 Traditional 手掌 Simplified
shou3 zhang3 Pinyin
palm English

Traditional Simplified
zhang3 Pinyin
in charge of English palm of hand English

Traditional Simplified
zong1 Pinyin
palm English palm fiber English coir (coconut fiber) English

棕墊 Traditional 棕垫 Simplified
zong1 dian4 Pinyin
palm fiber mat English

棕樹 Traditional 棕树 Simplified
zong1 shu4 Pinyin
palm tree English

棕櫚 Traditional 棕榈 Simplified
zong1 lu:2 Pinyin
palm tree English Palmetto (name) English

棕櫚屬 Traditional 棕榈属 Simplified
zong1 lu:2 shu3 Pinyin
palm tree genus (Areca spp.) English

棕櫚樹 Traditional 棕榈树 Simplified
zong1 lu:2 shu4 Pinyin
palm tree English

棕櫚油 Traditional 棕榈油 Simplified
zong1 lu:2 you2 Pinyin
palm oil English

棕毛 Traditional 棕毛 Simplified
zong1 mao2 Pinyin
palm fiber English coir English

棕毯 Traditional 棕毯 Simplified
zong1 tan3 Pinyin
coir mat English palm fiber matting English

棕縛 Traditional 棕缚 Simplified
zong1 fu4 Pinyin
palm fiber English rope of palm fiber English coir (coconut fiber) English

棕閭 Traditional 棕闾 Simplified
zong1 lu:2 Pinyin
palm English

椰油 Traditional 椰油 Simplified
ye1 you2 Pinyin
palm oil English

Traditional Simplified
lu:2 Pinyin
palm tree English

花酒 Traditional 花酒 Simplified
hua1 jiu3 Pinyin
dinner party with singsong girls in attendance English palm liquor English

棕櫚 Traditional 棕榈 Simplified
zong1 lü2 Pinyin
Palm (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

棕櫚群島 Traditional 棕榈群岛 Simplified
zong1 lü2 qun2 dao3 Pinyin
Palm Islands (u.E.) Deutsch

棕櫚灘 Traditional 棕榈滩 Simplified
zong1 lü2 tan1 Pinyin
Palm Beach (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

zhang3 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On てのひら Reading Kun たなごころ Reading Kun jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
manipulate Meaning rule Meaning administer Meaning conduct Meaning palm of hand Meaning paume Meaning fr manipuler Meaning fr administrer Meaning fr diriger Meaning fr gouverner Meaning fr manipular Meaning es controlar Meaning es palma de la mano Meaning es manipular Meaning pt regra Meaning pt administrar Meaning pt conduta Meaning pt palma de mão Meaning pt

li3 Reading Pinyin Reading On うら Reading Kun ri Reading Korean Reading Korean
back Meaning amidst Meaning in Meaning reverse Meaning inside Meaning palm Meaning sole Meaning rear Meaning lining Meaning wrong side Meaning arrière Meaning fr revers Meaning fr verso Meaning fr intérieur Meaning fr semelle Meaning fr paume Meaning fr envers Meaning fr doublure Meaning fr mauvais côté Meaning fr reverso Meaning es opuesto Meaning es parte interior Meaning es en esa situación Meaning es interior Meaning es costas Meaning pt no meio de Meaning pt em Meaning pt inverter Meaning pt interior Meaning pt palma Meaning pt atrás Meaning pt forro Meaning pt lado errado Meaning pt

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