Character pass over, cross, traverse Definition
LING2 Pinyin ling4 Jyutping RYOU On NORU Kun liəng Tang lâng Viet

Character pass buck, lay blame on others Definition
WEI3 Pinyin wai2 Jyutping ZUI NI I On WAZURAWASU Kun Hangul WI Korean
U+8BFF Simplified

诿 Character pass buck, lay blame on others Definition
WEI3 Pinyin wai2 Jyutping
U+8AC9 Traditional

Character pass by, approach; direct Definition
JING4 Pinyin ging3 Jyutping
U+9015 Traditional U+5F91 Variant

Character pass by, approach; direct Definition
JING4 Pinyin gaang3 ging3 Jyutping KEI KYOU On KOMICHI CHIKAI SUGU Kun Hangul KYENG Korean *gèng Tang
U+8FF3 Simplified U+5F91 Variant

Character pass through, common, communicate Definition
TONG1 TONG4 Pinyin tung1 Jyutping TS UTSU TOU On TOORU KAYOU TOORI Kun Hangul THONG Korean *tung Tang thông Viet

Character pass away; die Definition
SHI4 Pinyin sai6 Jyutping SEI SETSU On YUKU Kun Hangul SE Korean zhiɛ̀i Tang

こら Reading
interjection meant to scold or reprove someone Translation eng hey! Translation eng interjection to call out to someone Translation eng hey! Translation eng Hei! Translation ger Pass bloß auf! Translation ger (wenn man jmdn. ausschimpft) Translation ger Ruf, um im Lied die Zeit zu halten Translation ger

すんなり Reading
pass with no objection Translation eng slim Translation eng slender Translation eng dünn Translation ger schlank Translation ger grazil Translation ger geschmeidig Translation ger glatt Translation ger ohne Problem Translation ger

パース Reading
pass Translation eng purse Translation eng handbag Translation eng perspective Translation eng {EDV} Parsen Translation ger

パス Reading
path Translation eng pass (e.g. skipping a move, passing an examination, ticket to allow entry, etc.) Translation eng Pass Translation ger Ausweis Translation ger Monatskarte Translation ger Passierschein Translation ger Freikarte Translation ger

パスポート Reading
passport Translation eng Reisepass Translation ger Pass Translation ger passeport Translation fre паспорт Translation rus

Word Word Word Word
みち Reading
road Translation eng street Translation eng way Translation eng path Translation eng course Translation eng route Translation eng lane Translation eng distance Translation eng ways (e.g. "a long ways") Translation eng the way (of proper conduct, etc.) Translation eng one's way Translation eng morals Translation eng teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist) Translation eng dogma Translation eng field (of medicine, etc.) Translation eng subject Translation eng way Translation eng method Translation eng means Translation eng Straße Translation ger Weg Translation ger Pfad Translation ger Gasse Translation ger Landsträßchen Translation ger Pass Translation ger Route Translation ger Strecke Translation ger Weg Translation ger Reise Translation ger Fahrt Translation ger Kurs Translation ger Lauf der Dinge Translation ger Moral Translation ger Gerechtigkeit Translation ger Wahrheit Translation ger Weg der Pflicht Translation ger Pflicht Translation ger moralisches Prinzip Translation ger Methode Translation ger Mittel Translation ger Fachgebiet Translation ger chemin Translation fre route Translation fre доро́га Translation rus

とうげ Reading
ridge Translation eng (mountain) pass Translation eng difficult part Translation eng Pass Translation ger Bergpass Translation ger Krise Translation ger kritischer Punkt Translation ger kritisches Stadium Translation ger Höhepunkt Translation ger Gipfel Translation ger col Translation fre moment difficile Translation fre

合い鍵 Word 合鍵 Word 合かぎ Word
あいかぎ Reading
pass key Translation eng duplicate key Translation eng master key Translation eng Nachschlüssel Translation ger Zweitschlüssel Translation ger Generalschlüssel Translation ger Dietrich Translation ger

あのね Reading あんね Reading あのさあ Reading
Excuse me ... Translation eng You see Translation eng hor mal zu! Translation ger pass mal auf! Translation ger nun ... Translation ger also ... Translation ger also passen sie mal auf ... Translation ger ich erkläre Ihnen das einmal Translation ger excuse-moi Translation fre excusez-moi Translation fre

パスフレーズ Reading
pass phrase Translation eng

通過判定 Word
つうかはんてい Reading
pass (verdict) Translation eng

パスケース Reading
pass case Source Language eng commuter pass Translation eng
定期券 Crossref

パスレシーバー Reading
pass receiver Translation eng

パス Reading Pass Romaji Path Romaji Paz Romaji

Traditional Simplified
jing4 Pinyin
straight English pass English

傳球 Traditional 传球 Simplified
chuan2 qiu2 Pinyin
pass (in soccer) English to feed (ball) English

去逝 Traditional 去逝 Simplified
qu4 shi4 Pinyin
pass away English die English

度過 Traditional 度过 Simplified
du4 guo4 Pinyin
spend English pass English

Traditional Simplified
huan4 Pinyin
pass through English to get into (armor) English

Traditional Simplified
yun1 Pinyin
confused English dizzy English giddy English faint English swoon English lose consciousness English pass out English

渡過 Traditional 渡过 Simplified
du4 guo4 Pinyin
to cross over English pass through English

穿 Traditional 穿 Simplified
chuan1 Pinyin
to bore through English pierce English perforate English penetrate English pass through English to dress English to wear English to put on English to thread English

路過 Traditional 路过 Simplified
lu4 guo4 Pinyin
pass by or through English

過境 Traditional 过境 Simplified
guo4 jing4 Pinyin
transit English pass through a country's territory English

Traditional Simplified
da2 Pinyin
attain English pass through English achieve English reach English realize English clear English inform English notify English dignity English

Traditional Simplified
e4 Pinyin
defile English pass English in distress English

Traditional Simplified
xing2 Pinyin
border the stove English defile English pass English

Traditional Simplified
ai4 Pinyin
pass English defile English narrow English confined English in distress English

高口 Traditional 高口 Simplified
gao1 kou3 Pinyin
Pass (u.E.) (S, Geol) Deutsch

關口 Traditional 关口 Simplified
guan1 kou3 Pinyin
Gebirgspass (u.E.) (S, Geol) Deutsch Pass (u.E.) (S, Geol) Deutsch

山口 Traditional 山口 Simplified
shan1 kou3 Pinyin
Pass (u.E.) (S, Geo) Deutsch

咽喉 Traditional 咽喉 Simplified
yan1 hou2 Pinyin
Kehle (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Pass (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Rachen (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Schlund (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Schlüsselpunkt (u.E.) Deutsch

助攻 Traditional 助攻 Simplified
zhu4 gong1 Pinyin
Assist (S, Sport) Deutsch Pass (S, Sport) Deutsch Vorlage (S, Sport) Deutsch

yi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On うつ. Reading Kun うつ. Reading Kun i Reading Korean Reading Korean
shift Meaning move Meaning change Meaning drift Meaning catch (cold, fire) Meaning pass into Meaning déplacer Meaning fr transporter Meaning fr déménager Meaning fr changer Meaning fr inconstant Meaning fr prendre (froid, feu) Meaning fr transférer Meaning fr cambio de lugar Meaning es movimiento Meaning es traslado Meaning es mudarse Meaning es ser infectado Meaning es ser contagioso Meaning es trasladar Meaning es infectar Meaning es trocar Meaning pt mover Meaning pt mudança Meaning pt rumo Meaning pt pegar (fogo) Meaning pt passar (frio) Meaning pt passar Meaning pt

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