yi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On うつ. Reading Kun うつ. Reading Kun i Reading Korean Reading Korean
shift Meaning move Meaning change Meaning drift Meaning catch (cold, fire) Meaning pass into Meaning déplacer Meaning fr transporter Meaning fr déménager Meaning fr changer Meaning fr inconstant Meaning fr prendre (froid, feu) Meaning fr transférer Meaning fr cambio de lugar Meaning es movimiento Meaning es traslado Meaning es mudarse Meaning es ser infectado Meaning es ser contagioso Meaning es trasladar Meaning es infectar Meaning es trocar Meaning pt mover Meaning pt mudança Meaning pt rumo Meaning pt pegar (fogo) Meaning pt passar (frio) Meaning pt passar Meaning pt

qu4 Reading Pinyin キョ Reading On Reading On . Reading Kun -さ. Reading Kun Nanori geo Reading Korean Reading Korean
gone Meaning past Meaning quit Meaning leave Meaning elapse Meaning eliminate Meaning divorce Meaning parti Meaning fr passé Meaning fr quitter Meaning fr s'écouler Meaning fr éliminer Meaning fr divorce Meaning fr pasado Meaning es ido Meaning es dejar Meaning es abandonar Meaning es partir Meaning es foi Meaning pt passado Meaning pt deixar Meaning pt passar Meaning pt eliminar Meaning pt divórcio Meaning pt

jing1 Reading Pinyin jing4 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On キョウ Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun たていと Reading Kun はか. Reading Kun のり Reading Kun つね Nanori のぶ Nanori gyeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
sutra Meaning longitude Meaning pass thru Meaning expire Meaning warp Meaning sûtra Meaning fr longitude Meaning fr passer (temps) Meaning fr expiré Meaning fr expérimenter Meaning fr chaîne (tissu) Meaning fr sutra Meaning es longitud Meaning es ley Meaning es pasar Meaning es dirigir Meaning es transcurrir Meaning es experimentar Meaning es sutra Meaning pt longitude Meaning pt passar através de Meaning pt expirar Meaning pt empenar Meaning pt

cheng2 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On ジョウ Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun -な. Reading Kun あき Nanori あきら Nanori しげ Nanori そん Nanori たえ Nanori なお Nanori なり Nanori なる Nanori のり Nanori ひら Nanori まさ Nanori よし Nanori Nanori seong Reading Korean Reading Korean
turn into Meaning become Meaning get Meaning grow Meaning elapse Meaning reach Meaning se changer en Meaning fr devenir Meaning fr obtenir Meaning fr croissance Meaning fr s'écouler Meaning fr accomplir Meaning fr convertirse en Meaning es resultar Meaning es consistir en Meaning es hacerse Meaning es llegar a ser Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es lograr Meaning es tornar-se Meaning pt obter Meaning pt crescer Meaning pt passar Meaning pt alcançar Meaning pt

jian4 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On . Reading Kun cheon Reading Korean Reading Korean
tread Meaning step on Meaning trample Meaning practice Meaning carry through Meaning monter sur Meaning fr piétiner Meaning fr accéder (trône) Meaning fr pratique Meaning fr réaliser Meaning fr pisar Meaning es dar un paso Meaning es pisar Meaning pt dar um passo Meaning pt passar por cima Meaning pt paraticar Meaning pt persistir Meaning pt

tong1 Reading Pinyin tong4 Reading Pinyin ツウ Reading On Reading On とお. Reading Kun とお. Reading Kun -とお. Reading Kun -どお. Reading Kun とお. Reading Kun とお. Reading Kun -どお. Reading Kun かよ. Reading Kun とん Nanori どうし Nanori どおり Nanori みち Nanori tong Reading Korean Reading Korean
traffic Meaning pass through Meaning avenue Meaning commute Meaning counter for letters, notes, documents, etc. Meaning circulation Meaning fr passer par Meaning fr avenue Meaning fr trajet (travail) Meaning fr compteur de lettres, notes, ... Meaning fr atravesar Meaning es traspasar Meaning es hacer saber Meaning es pasar Meaning es ir y venir Meaning es tráfego Meaning pt passar através de Meaning pt avenida Meaning pt comutar Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de letras Meaning pt

パッサリア Reading Passaglia Romaji

パッサルゲ Reading Passarge Romaji

niao3 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On とり Reading Kun Nanori Nanori とっ Nanori jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
bird Meaning chicken Meaning oiseau Meaning fr poulet Meaning fr pájaro Meaning es ave Meaning es Pássaro Meaning pt sufixo para nomes de pássaros. Meaning pt

zhi1 Reading Pinyin セキ Reading On cheog Reading Korean Reading Korean
vessels Meaning counter for ships Meaning fish Meaning birds Meaning arrows Meaning one of a pair Meaning compteur de bateaux Meaning fr compteur d'oiseaux Meaning fr vaisseaux Meaning fr poissons Meaning fr flèches Meaning fr l'un d'une paire Meaning fr uno (de un par) Meaning es contador para barcos Meaning es vasos Meaning pt peixe Meaning pt pássaros Meaning pt flechas Meaning pt um de um par Meaning pt

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