Character bolt of cloth; counter for horses Definition
PI3 Pinyin pat1 Jyutping HITSU HIKI On TAGUI TAGUU Kun Hangul PHIL MOK Korean *pit Tang thất Viet
U+758B Variant

Character to brew for the second time Definition
PO4 PO1 Pinyin put3 Jyutping HATSU On KAMOSU Kun Hangul PAL Korean pɑt Tang
U+9166 Simplified

Character duck Definition
PI1 Pinyin pat1 Jyutping

パット Reading
putt Translation eng pat Translation eng

パット Reading Pat Romaji Patte Romaji

Traditional Simplified
fu3 Pinyin
pat English

fu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On .でる Reading Kun なで Nanori なでし Nanori Nanori mu Reading Korean bu Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
stroke Meaning pat Meaning smooth down Meaning caricia Meaning es roce Meaning es consuelo Meaning es acariciar Meaning es rozar Meaning es consolar Meaning es calmar Meaning es

パター Reading
putter Translation eng {Golf} Putter Translation ger (Spezialschläger zum Einlochen) Translation ger

パターン Reading パタン Reading
pattern Translation eng Muster Translation ger Anwendungsmuster Translation ger échantillon Translation fre motif Translation fre patron (couture) Translation fre

パターン Reading Patterne Romaji

パターナリズム Reading
paternalism Translation eng

パターン一致 Word
パターンいっち Reading
pattern match Translation eng pattern matching Translation eng

パターンマッチング Reading
pattern matching Translation eng {EDV} Mustervergleich Translation ger

パターンプラクティス Reading
pattern practice Translation eng pattern practise Translation eng

パターソン Reading Paterson Romaji Patterson Romaji

パタイ Reading Patai Romaji

パタク Reading Patak Romaji

パタン Reading Patan (Nepal) Romaji

パタネ Reading Patane Romaji

パタンカー Reading Patankar Romaji

パタンマッチ Reading
pattern match Translation eng

パタンマッチング Reading
pattern matching Translation eng

パタンナー Reading
patterner Source Language eng pattern maker (for clothing) Translation eng fashion designer Translation eng
パターンメーカー Crossref

パタンと Reading ぱたんと Reading
with a snap Translation eng with a bang Translation eng with a a plonk Translation eng with a click Translation eng sudden stopping Translation eng

ぱたり Reading
clink Translation eng sudden stop Translation eng

パタソン Reading Paterson Romaji

パタウィウム Reading Patavium Romaji

帕塔亞 Traditional 帕塔亚 Simplified
pa4 ta3 ya4 Pinyin
Pattaya (Thailand) (u.E.) Deutsch

パッチェン Reading Patchen Romaji

パッチ Reading
patch Translation eng Flicken Translation ger {EDV} Patch Translation ger

パッチ Reading Patch Romaji

パッチファイル Reading
patch file Translation eng

パチキ Reading パッチギ Reading
headbutt Translation eng bakchigi Source Language kor

パッチモジュール Reading
patch module Translation eng

パッチポケット Reading
patch pocket Translation eng

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